Want to renew your Six Seconds certification?

Feel like you are running out of time to get the 12 Accredited Continuing Education (ACE) units that you need? Have we got some options for you!

Join us in one of the Last Chance EQ Café projects and earn 12 ACE units toward your renewal certification

Retrospective Project

Write a 1,000 word blog talking about your EQ experiences over the past year and what you have learned doing them.

Research Roundup Project

After reading three EQ research articles/case studies write a 1,000 word blog critique of what you learned from what you read.

Micro-Case Study Project

Write a 1,000 word blog about the EQ training you have done and what impact it had on the people/organization you trained.

Do a New eLearning Course Project

EQ.org offers free eLearning courses. You can get Ace units when you complete one of those.

Catch Up on an eLearning Course Project

Some of you were certified before we had a eLearning portion to your training. You can get ACE units for taking that eLearning of that course now.

Host a POP-UP Festival in your area

ACE units are given to those who host a POP-UP Festival and do a reflection essay on what they learned in the process.

You can do any one of these project between October 15th and December 15 to fulfill the ACE requirement for certification renewal.

Details on all of these options, what you need to do and how to get credit for the ACE units offered is on the Six Seconds ACE webpage.

And no, this isn’t really your last chance. You can still use all the regular ways of earning ACE unit through the end of this year and into the next!

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