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Vitality, Six Seconds’ 4th Annual Emotional Intelligence conference is bringing people and ideas together across the globe. After attending several sessions, I noticed that people are motivated to connect, learn and collaborate, despite distance, technical glitches, and time zones. What brings them all together is a keen desire to understand how this powerful concept of emotional intelligence can and is transforming lives.                                                     

The word “Vita20dac90lity” is sparking the imaginations of conference attendees. In response to Josh Freedman and Max Ghini’s kickoff session, one person used the body as an analogy to describe what vitality means: “Emotional Intelligence keeps the veins and arteries clear of all that is toxic to people and companies and the heart becomes lighter to pump best feelings to himself and others.”

Nick LeForce turned to poetry to convey how leading from the heart can shift the entire dynamic of an organization toward greater vitality for its team members. He said,


“We teach what we cannot become. What we see in others we awaken in ourselves. We become what we give to the world.”

Vitality isKKblak45GptQY3VOFDkMkzX4AfPovCVBzzoKTTMXAM-cuhK4ZiKAzvsPq_ixvW2GYSikcQ=s128 about showing up as our most authentic selves so that others can do the same. In Eric Butler’s presentation on using Welcome Circles to integrate youth back into schools after incarceration, he talked about building mutual respect between young black men and their communities. Eric shared a video from his work with Restorative Justice for Youth in Oakland, in which a teen sits in a circle of adults; his teachers, his principal, his mother and step-dad. One by one they tell him what they will do for him, and what they expect of him. By the end he feels very supported and motivated. Since the program’s implementation, the number of fights in the school has dropped to zero. Founded by Dr. Fania Davis, the program is now being copied in Boston and other school systems across the country.

As the week progresses, thousands of people will come away inspired by new ideas spreading across the globe at the speed of an internet connection. Perhaps a teacher from Singapore will adapt a lesson from Texas, or a manager from Australia will use an idea from Argentina. This combination of sharing broader ideas and practical tips and tools from the heart is what makes Vitality a unique event. For more information:


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