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What? 501(c)3 not-for-profit helps people learn emotional intelligence.
Why? EQ improves leadership, learning, effectiveness, communication, relationships, & health.
How? Research, training, assessment tools, curricula, world-wide network.
Who? Corporations, govt agencies, schools, community organizations
Phone: (650) 685-9885

Mission: To help all people learn to know themselves, choose themselves, and give themselves.

Vision: To co-create an emotionally intelligent world. A world where people everywhere have the skills and commitment to make empathic and wise decisions — to create peace and prosperity first in themselves, then with friends and relations, and finally between nations.

Values: Six Seconds values and attempts to model integrity, innovation, wisdom, compassion, hope, and forgiveness.

Strategy: Six Seconds works directly with schools, organizations, and businesses to bring emotional intelligence into practice. In addition, the organization researches, creates and distributes innovative tools for professionals facilitating change. These tools include assessments, training programs, and teaching tools. Finally, the organization supports a worldwide network of emotional intelligence change-agents.

History: Six Seconds was established as a 501(c)3 not-for-profit California Corporation in 1997. The founding team was a group of educators who had just won their second Federal Blue Ribbon for excellence in education at the Nueva School — created by Six Seconds’ Chairman, Karen Stone, in 1967. The President is Anabel Jensen, Ph.D., and Director of Programs is Joshua Freedman. Marsha Rideout is the Educational Program Director.
In his 1995 bestselling book, Emotional Intelligence, Daniel Goleman described the emotional intelligence curriculum at Nueva as one of two models for teaching these essential life skills. Six Seconds was established to publish that curriculum, adapt it to a wide variety of audiences, and promote the skills and concepts of emotional intelligence in business, education, and in the community.

In the last 11 years, Six Seconds has published ten books, numerous articles and training tools, and six statistically valid assessment tools. The organization established the world’s premiere conference on emotional intelligence, NexusEQ; the sixth NexusEQ Conference was recently held in South Africa.

Six Seconds has delivered in-depth certification training in its EQ model to over 1700 professionals from every continent, delivered measurable ROI to dozens of companies, initiated a 2-year project to bring EQ to the US Navy and Marine Corps to facilitate change management, shared training and teaching tools with thousands of educators world-wide, helped design and implement emotional intelligence development programs for numerous businesses and schools, and shared emotional intelligence concepts and skills with over 3 million web visitors.

Recent clients includes Schlumberger, Pfizer, the US Navy and Marine Corps, Media General, Morgan Stanley, the Netherlands National Center for School Improvement, Killeen Independent School District, the Palo Alto Unified School District, Kodak, Starwood Hotels, and the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

With Six Seconds’ support, members of the EQ network are bringing these life-changing tools to every sector of the economy. From assisting treatment centers help solvent-addicted teens return to health, to partnering with global corporations enhance people performance; from improving teamwork at homeless shelters to training high-potential leaders at Fortune 50 companies; from improving parenting to coaching individuals to improve their personal lives, Six Seconds’ network represents the most wide-reaching and influential emotional intelligence education initiative in the world.

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“This was the most inspirational course I’ve participated in. It made me take stock of my current emotional intelligence and gave me the keys to unlock my EQ potential.” — Christopher Singh, Account Manager, Schlumberger

“This has been a truly life-altering experience.” — Mary Hanson, Training Director, Deluxe

“The most meaningful and practical training I have ever attended.”
– Jennifer Kennett — Director, Elements Wellness Centre

Recent course evaluation:
The course improved our ability to teach EQ — increase: 313%.
The facilitators model the message they are teaching: 10/10

Download PDF Version: About Six Seconds

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