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Think, Feel, Act Cards

Think, Feel, Act Cards One of the most power+simple tools we've created, the set includes 66 cards plus instruction booklet in a display box.  This hands-on tool increases awareness about choices, and is ideal for coaching, small group instruction, or personal development.  The cards help people understand the differences between thoughts, feelings, and action by More Info »
Price: $28.95$18.95

The Business Case for EQ 2016 Presentation Kit

How do you show that emotional intelligence produces business value? Here's an effective, interactive presentation on The Business Case for EQ More Info »
Price: $100.00$75.00


A vivid demonstration of the mind-body connection, Biodots change color depending on stress level. Biodots are an excellent experiential tool for people of all ages to build awareness and self-management. They also work well for encouraging focus and attention. Biodots are small dots that stick to you hand and reflect your body temperature -- which More Info »
Price: from $12.00$10.00

Self-Science: Getting Started with Social Emotional Learning

Self-Science is a pioneering approach to social emotional learning, one of the first published curricula for emotional intelligence. The program teaches students about the science of self - the name "Self Science" refers to studying your own choices as might a scientist. "A list of the contents of Self-Science is an almost point-for-point match with the ingredients of emotional intelligence" - Daniel Goleman, Emotional Intelligence More Info »
Price: $195.00

Brain Profile Starter Kit

Access outstanding tools for introducing the value of emotional intelligence. Become a "SEI Profiler" with this online training plus credit for 11 Brain Brief Profiles (value $109.45). As a Profiler, your future Brain Briefs are only $8 ea, and as low as $6.70 ea at volume. More Info »
Price: $100.00$87.95


emotIcons are visual metaphors for learning about emotions.  This collection of 26 charms and objects can be used many ways for discussing emotions, debriefing activities, solving problems, or generating creativity. A booklet is included which contains 15 exercises on how the emotIcons can be used to explore emotional intelligence competencies for both adults and children. More Info »
Price: $34.95$26.95

At the Heart of Leadership

New 3rd Edition - Revised and Updated At the Heart of Leadership: How to Get Results with Emotional Intelligence by Joshua Freedman, Forword by Peter Salovey. Where other books tell you about emotional intelligence, this book provides the roadmap to put it in action. Includes case for EQ, background, and detailed explanation of the Six More Info »
Price: $19.95$17.95

The Leader as a Mensch

The Leader as a Mensch: Become the Kind of Person Others Want to Follow By Bruna Martinuzzi Foreword by Michael A. Freeman, M.D. Offering a Glimpse Into the Strength, Wisdom, and Self-Mastery of Exceptional Leadership This insightful and engaging book speaks volumes on ways in which all of us, at any level, can improve our More Info »
Price: $17.95


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