Professionals committed to ongoing development to build true expertise in emotional intelligence know that ongoing learning is essential. In a domain with rapidly evolving science and practice, where do you turn to find training that will add value to your work?

The Six Seconds’ accredited continuing education (ACE) courses below are selected for their relevance, robust design, and the experience of the facilitators. Six Seconds’ Certified Practitioners need 12 ACE units per year for certification renewal.

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accredited continuing education for EQ professionals

EQ Accredited Continuing Education

emotional intelligence training course

SEI EQ Competency Combinations

Power up Your Assessor toolkit/expertise, and Complete a 3-step Practice + Self Reflection Process that you will learn in the workshop – a great take away to use with your clients!

Next course date: Wednesday, 8 Februrary 2017

Action process for going deeper with SEI

What are the EQ combos? What do they reveal? How do I use them? How do they POWER up my expertise?

Participants: EQ Assessors looking to go deeper on utilizing the SEI for guiding action. (Prerequisite: SEI Certification)

Learning Objectives.

As a result of attending this 90-minute interactive, web-based session, led by EQ Practitioners – certified Assessors, Advanced EQ Trainers and EQ Consultants from Dynamic Learning, you will be able to:

  • Define and identify combos
  • Understand the deeper insight they provide into the SEI participant’s results – bringing clients to an unprecedented level of Aha!
  • Create powerful debriefing and coaching questions that you can use during the SEI debrief/coaching sessions
  • Be more confident to connect more powerfully with clients

Fee: US$50

Course Date(s) & registration: Wednesday, 8 February 2017

  • Option 1: 10:00 -11:30 am Dubai time
  • Option 2: 6:00 – 7:30 pm Dubai time

To register, email Gertrude Masuku <[email protected]>

Instructional Methods: 90-minute live online learning plus prework and practical application + written reflection.

Assessment Procedures: Written reflection of the process due 1 month of completing the course; details below.

Facilitators: Liana Bagworth & Larisa Sohorca of Dynamic Learning, a Six Seconds Preferred Partner.

Accredited: 3 CEUs; completion requirements:

  • complete pre-reading and 90-minute on-line session
  • submit a 2 page (1,000 word) reflective journal, including the following:

    • Identify combos within 2 SEI reports you are currently, or have recently, debriefed/coached
    • Identify the insight provided into the SEI participant’s strengths and obstacles, per each combo and reflect on this learning
    • Discuss how you applied the insight during the debrief/coaching, or how you would apply the insight if you were to conduct that debrief/coaching again
    • Provide the probing/coaching questions you created as a result of the insight
    • Provide your reflection on your performance as an assessor, the quality of the session you conducted
    • Provide your learnings from this exercise, both personally and professionally
    • Reflective journal is due February 25, 2017
    • The reflective journal should not contain details regarding the clients, in order to maintain confidentiality
    • You will receive the feedback about your journal within 10 working days from the submission date


    *Note: the 1,000 words should be split between the 2 debriefs

emotional intelligence training course

Learning the Six Seconds Way

Over twenty years of research advances in neuroscience confirm that emotions drive learning

Next course starts: March 16, 2017

How can we leverage the power of emotions to increase learning?

This course will enable practitioners to strengthen the effectiveness of the design and delivery of their learning modules. It is applicable to instructors in any setting, whether working within K-12 settings, or with parents, universities, or corporate learning and development.

“I will ask myself how I am feeling, as it is too easy to just be a robot in our fast-paced world.  I will listen more and observe more carefully.  I will keep in mind that every brain is unique . . . and that everyone has strengths and weaknesses.  And, I will be sure to laugh more” (Student after experiencing Six Seconds learning)

This course helps participants to infuse EQ into curriculum development to achieve more effective training.

Participants: Anyone working to teach EQ (EQ Practitioners) 

Learning ObjectivesEQ practitioners will deepen their ability to use Six Seconds’ methodology to create powerful learning by:

  1. Creating learning experiences that consistently utilize humor, multi-modalities, interactivity, and choice;
  2. Applying techniques to build positive, collaborative relationships between facilitators and learners as they increase trust, optimism, and empathy;
  3. Focusing on key social emotional needs by careful interpretation of participants’ Brain Profiles;
  4. Increasing learner engagement through application of constructivist learning theory, wherein students create their own interpretation, meaning, and understanding of experience;
  5. Strengthening the power of learning by “stirring in” emotion when developing and testing a new learning module/lesson.

Fee: Suggested donation of $100 to Six Seconds’ scholarship fund

Course Date(s) & registrationMar 16, 23, 30 — 9:00 am Pacific (click here for world clock times)

Please register here.

Instructional Methods: Three online 60 minute sessions + 1 hour pre-coursework to take SEI Assessment and readings + 1 hour post Session to create learning experience.

As noted in learning objective #3 above, participants will take the SEI assessment and receive their own Brain Profiles, which they will analyze to deepen their practice of teaching and learning.

Participants will also receive materials including:
Excerpt from Anabel Jensen’s new book on learning
Excerpt from Josh Freedman’s Heart of Leadership book
Selected articles on learning
The Six Seconds learning design template (Bonus!)

Assessment Procedures: Participants in this course will create a lesson suitable for a class or a workplace presentation using the Learning philosophy, template, and methods discussed in class. The workshop, lesson, or activity may be presented in lesson plan format (maximum 2 pages) or slides for a presentation (maximum 20 slides).   Written feedback will be provided by the instructors.

FacilitatorsSusan Stillman (Director of Education, Six Seconds) & Anabel Jensen (President, Six Seconds) 

Accredited: 6 CEUs; completion requirements:

  • take the SEI assessment and do the preparation prework
  • attend three online classes
  • complete the implementation project of developing a lesson / module as described above


emotional intelligence training course

How to sell bigger and better solutions to your EQ clients

One of the most difficult challenges that speakers, trainers and coaches encounter is the ability to win repeated opportunities, let alone, build long-term sustainability in their business.

Next course date: Starts April 4

How can you use EQ in your sales approach to sell EQ?
Over the last 12 years, Ray Phoon has successfully negotiated and won over USD 10 million worth of long term consulting and training contracts. 
You will learn In this high impact and practical program, his best principles on how to effectively win clients and get them committed to long-term engagements.
In short, this program will help you understand and learn how to create more opportunities to sell deeper and wider range of EQ solutions to your clients.
You will gain insights on practical steps you can immediately take to increase your client’s appreciation and investment appetite for your offerings.

Participants: Certified EQ or VS Assessors, Practitioners, Trainers and Coaches who are about to start in the business or are already selling to an established clientele base; and looking to enhance the ability to sell EQ solutions in a bigger and better way. .

Learning Objectives:

  • Create what compelling value looks like in the eyes of the client
  • Get more long term EQ project clients
  • Build and offer a multi-layered solution to extend your contract size
  • Differentiate yourself and offer more than what others can
  • Be recognized as an expert of your industry and increase the client’s commitment to working with you
  • Cross sell and upsell your Six Seconds-powered EQ solutions

Fee: $600.

Course Date(s) & registrationApril 4, April 11, April 25 at 9-10.30 pm Kuala Lumpur time (click here for a world clock conversion)
To register, email your instructor, Ray Phoon 

Instructional Methods: three 90-minute live online learning sessions on Zoom, plus prework and practical assignments to put the learning into action.

  • Session One :
    • Target marketing techniques to position your niche and getting focused clients
    • 3 key ways to show up as an Expert and Consultant in your field
  • Session Two :
    • RIRO method in creating needs and sense of urgency to increase opportunities
    • Frame-working & learning journey mapping in developing and packaging multilayered EQ solutions & tools
  • Session Three :
    • Presentation & proposal mechanics in communicating your value proposition
    • Tracking & measurement systems to provide ROI based approach to increase client’s willingness to spend

Assessment Procedures:

  1. Completion of a business & solutions assessment profile ( after 1st session) to identify opportunities and gaps based on a template for coaching business clients, with feedback from facilitator.
  2. Submission of Framework & Solution Design assignment (after 2nd session) using a solution blueprint design (the “killer slide”) taught in the course — with feedback from facilitator.
  3. Creation of solution proposal displaying competence in applying learned skills from program (with 45 days after 3rd session).
    This is a multi-slide powerpoint detailing a comprehensive solution proposal that participants will use for their business. Feedback will be given.

Facilitator: Ray Phoon is an Author, Sales Psychologist, CEO of The PowerUpSuccess Group (a Six Seconds Preferred Partner), Regional director of Sales & Marketing Institute International and an active 6 Seconds preferred partner & practitioner.

He has an extensive background in the areas of sales, marketing, leadership and business within the within the Technology, Financial, Automotive, Telco and FMCG sectors of MNC giants across the globe. 
A regular speaker at sales conventions and radio shows, as well as a decorated sales coach to many Fortune 500 organizations, Raymond works with professionals and market leading organizations around the world, to develop bulletproof sales strategies that drive breakthrough results. 
Ray is also the author of several best selling books, the  brainchild behind  The  Power  of  I™  concept,  creator  of  Sales Dynamics™, a revolutionary model for activating high performance  selling  workforce  and  developer  of Sales Success Strategies Power Cards & The Sales Star Inventory™ profiling tool.

Accredited: 9 CEUs; completion requirements:

  • complete pre-reading
  • attend three 90-minute on-line session
  • submit the three assessment assignments using templates provided, detailed above
emotional intelligence training for school leadership

Leading Schools with Heart and Mind

Apply EQ Skills to Improving Schools

Researchers have found that leaders with Emotional Intelligence (EQ) make better decisions, influence more effectively, and build communities where young people thrive. Leading Schools with Heart and Mind teaches these EQ skills, so school leaders can become more aware, more intentional, and more purposeful.

Next course date: July-August, 2017

Strengthen your leadership to create change

Leading Schools with Heart and Mind is a research-based training program for aspiring and veteran school leaders (principals, assistant principals, lead teachers, and others working in education leadership positions), that uses the SEI and LVS self report to help participants learn and develop their Emotional Intelligence and increase leadership effectiveness.

Participants: If you are trying to lead any change initiative at your school or educational organization, this course is for you. Simple. Relevant. Applicable.

Learning Objectives. During this introductory course, participants will:

  • Reflect on current leadership performance and define who they are as leaders.
  • Examine how their emotional intelligence skills are currently supporting their leadership effectiveness.
  • Identify and practice strategies to increase trust in their school communities.
  • Design a planned change process to increase leadership capacity.

Fee: $550.

Course Date(s) & registration: July-August 2017. To register, please go to

Instructional Methods: The course features 3 on-line group sessions (60 min/each), which will engage participants in individual reflection, practical exercises and group sharing. In addition, participants will take the LVS self-report and SEI (if refresher is needed) and will be individually debriefed by the course leader.

Assessment Procedures: Participants will develop an action plan to increase leadership capacity with feedback from the course leader, and will share progress within 3 months of completing the course.

Facilitator: Lorea Martinez, PhD, is an Advanced EQ Practitioner with Six Seconds and an Education Consultant supporting schools with Social Emotional Learning (SEL) programs. She received the 2014 Graduate Student Award for Excellence in SEL Research from the American Education Research Association (AERA). A former special and general education teacher, administrator and data analyst., Lorea is passionate about creating supportive learning communities through emotional intelligence. Her latest research, EQ skills for effective school leadership, will be presented at the 2017 AERA Annual Conference. For more info, see

Accredited: 7 CEUs; completion requirements:

  • attend 3 on-line sessions
  • participate in individual debrief
  • complete two homework assignments
  • design an action plan to integrate learning

Dive into a Six Seconds Webinar

Synthesize your learning and put it into action

Next course date: Monthly, see upcoming webinar schedule (or Italiano)

Go deeper with the Six Seconds team

Six Seconds offers free webinars almost every month; these can be used for ACE units following the requirements below.

Participants: Six Seconds Practitioners.

Learning Objectives:

  • Synthesize key concept from webinar
  • Apply the concept
  • Reflect on key learnings

Fee: $0

Course Date(s) & registration: Flexible dates. To register for upcoming webinars, see (or for Italian see

Instructional Methods: Attend webinar live or carefully listen to recording. Then, post in the Six Seconds Facebook Group the key point you are taking from this webinar and an action step based on this learning.

Complete the action step, then, post a final reflection on what happened.

Assessment Procedures: Participants will identify a specific action step and then post a reflection on the results of applying that action.

Facilitator: none

Accredited: 2 CEUs; completion requirements:

Pursue Your EQ Passion Project

Engage with Six Seconds to spread the practice of emotional intelligence

Next course date: Flexible, apply any time

Expand your EQ expertise in a hands-on project

Are you involved in a project with Six Seconds where you’re developing EQ expertise as you apply your learning? Earn ACE units for practical projects that are serving the Six Seconds community and mission — such as conducting a research study, or helping to lead one of Six Seconds’ global community events.

Participants: Six Seconds Practitioners involved in a project with Six Seconds

Learning Objectives:

  • Develop an implementation plan
  • Take action to make the plan happen
  • Reflect on key learnings

Fee: $100 to process application & assessment for CEUs

Course Date(s) & registration: Flexible dates. To register, email David Tubley  with a bullet-point plan of your project:

  • What is the purpose of the project?
  • What Six Seconds tools or methods you will be applying?
  • Approximately how many hours of work is included?
  • How will you demonstrate completion of your project / what will be assessed?

Instructional Methods: Independent projects focus on practical applications based on participants’ work.

Assessment Procedures: Participants will develop a plan including a method to demonstrate their completion.

Facilitator: none / ACE assessment will be provided by David Tubley, ACE Coordinator

Accredited: Units awarded will depend on scope of project and will be defined after application is reviewed; completion requirements:

  • submit plan for approval along with application fee
  • complete requirements outlined in plan
  • submit documentation of completion

Six Seconds’ Certification Training

Develop expertise with research-proven tools & methods

Next course date: See the certification schedule

Get certified or refresh to go deeper

All Six Seconds Certification training courses provide ACE units.

Participants: Professionals seeking proven tools and methods to create value with emotional intelligence.

Learning Objectives: Practitioners re-attend to go refresh, and to go deeper in the methodology by experiencing the program from a new perspective. Six Seconds’ most experienced facilitators re-attend certifications on a regular basis to immerse in the process. If you hold an active certification from any Six Seconds course, you are invited to re-attend the same course for a nominal fee — anywhere in the world.

Accredited: 12 CEUs by either:

  • Attend a new certification and complete course requirements, or
  • Re-attend a certification and post an in-depth (200-500 word) reflection about your experience in the Six Seconds Facebook Group (or share with your course group if you don’t use Facebook)


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