Professionals committed to ongoing development to build true expertise in emotional intelligence know that ongoing learning is essential. In a domain with rapidly evolving science and practice, where do you turn to find training that will add value to your work?

The Six Seconds’ accredited continuing education (ACE) courses below are selected for their relevance, robust design, and the experience of the facilitators. Six Seconds’ Certified Practitioners need 12 ACE units per year for certification renewal.

If you deliver learning, click here to learn more about getting your courses accredited.

accredited continuing education for EQ professionals

EQ Accredited Continuing Education

Ongoing / Anytime ACE Courses

Dive into a Six Seconds Webinar

Synthesize your learning and put it into action

Next course date: Monthly, see upcoming webinar schedule (or Italiano)

Go deeper with the Six Seconds team

Six Seconds offers free webinars almost every month; these can be used for ACE units following the requirements below.

Participants: Six Seconds Practitioners.

Learning Objectives:

  • Synthesize key concept from webinar
  • Apply the concept
  • Reflect on key learnings

Fee: $0

Course Date(s) & registration: Flexible dates. To register for upcoming webinars, see (or for Italian see

Instructional Methods: Attend webinar live or carefully listen to recording. Then, post in the Six Seconds Facebook Group the key point you are taking from this webinar and an action step based on this learning.

Complete the action step, then, post a final reflection on what happened.

Assessment Procedures: Participants will identify a specific action step and then post a reflection on the results of applying that action.

Facilitator: none

Accredited: 2 CEUs; completion requirements:

Pursue Your EQ Passion Project

Engage with Six Seconds to spread the practice of emotional intelligence

Next course date: Flexible, apply any time

Expand your EQ expertise in a hands-on project

Are you involved in a project with Six Seconds where you’re developing EQ expertise as you apply your learning? Earn ACE units for practical projects that are serving the Six Seconds community and mission — such as conducting a research study, or helping to lead one of Six Seconds’ global community events.

Participants: Six Seconds Practitioners involved in a project with Six Seconds

Learning Objectives:

  • Develop an implementation plan
  • Take action to make the plan happen
  • Reflect on key learnings

Fee: $100 to process application & assessment for CEUs

Course Date(s) & registration: Flexible dates. To register, email David Tubley <[email protected]> with a bullet-point plan of your project:

  • What is the purpose of the project?
  • What Six Seconds tools or methods you will be applying?
  • Approximately how many hours of work is included?
  • How will you demonstrate completion of your project / what will be assessed?

Instructional Methods: Independent projects focus on practical applications based on participants’ work.

Assessment Procedures: Participants will develop a plan including a method to demonstrate their completion.

Facilitator: none / ACE assessment will be provided by David Tubley, ACE Coordinator

Accredited: Units awarded will depend on scope of project and will be defined after application is reviewed; completion requirements:

  • submit plan for approval along with application fee
  • complete requirements outlined in plan
  • submit documentation of completion

Six Seconds’ Certification Training

Develop expertise with research-proven tools & methods

Next course date: See the certification schedule

Get certified or refresh to go deeper

All Six Seconds Certification training courses provide ACE units.

Participants: Professionals seeking proven tools and methods to create value with emotional intelligence.

Learning Objectives: Practitioners re-attend to go refresh, and to go deeper in the methodology by experiencing the program from a new perspective. Six Seconds’ most experienced facilitators re-attend certifications on a regular basis to immerse in the process. If you hold an active certification from any Six Seconds course, you are invited to re-attend the same course for a nominal fee — anywhere in the world.

Accredited: 12 CEUs by either:

  • Attend a new certification and complete course requirements, or
  • Re-attend a certification and post an in-depth (200-500 word) reflection about your experience in the Six Seconds Facebook Group (or share with your course group if you don’t use Facebook)


Upcoming Scheduled ACE Courses

Mar 2017

27 Mar 2017:
SEI EQ Competency Combinations
Power up Your Assessor toolkit/expertise, and Complete a 3-step Practice + Self Reflection Process that you will learn in the workshop – a great take away to use with your clients!
Action process for going deeper with SEI

Apr 2017

4 Apr 2017:
How to sell bigger and better solutions to your EQ clients

One of the most difficult challenges that speakers, trainers and coaches encounter is the ability to win repeated opportunities, let alone, build long-term sustainability in their business.

26 Apr 2017:
Exploring the Spiritual Dimension of EQ

What lies beyond Emotional Intelligence? How could Emotional Intelligence go to even higher levels of personal insight and connection with the world? Beyond achieving balance in the Know, Choose, Give Pursuits of the Six Seconds Emotional Intelligence Model, what might be next in your personal/professional development? How can you “Align Yourself” to live your greatest potential in the world?

Jul 2017

11 Jul 2017:
Leading Schools with Heart and Mind

Researchers have found that leaders with Emotional Intelligence (EQ) make better decisions, influence more effectively, and build communities where young people thrive. Leading Schools with Heart and Mind teaches these EQ skills, so school leaders can become more aware, more intentional, and more purposeful.