What if a billion people were practicing emotional intelligence?

We would connect with ourselves and each other.  We would have the skills to make more careful choices by learning to respond, instead of react.  We would thrive.
Would you like to be part of making that world?



Through 15 years of global experience and extensive research, we’ve found that the scientifically-based skills of emotional intelligence (EQ) are essential for change.  

These skills are learnable, and predict stronger effectiveness, influence, decision making, health, relationships, and quality of life (data).  Therefore, our vision is that by 2039:

one billion people will be practicing the skills of emotional intelligence.
In our mission…

Everywhere” means all parts of societies — work, school, home, community, etc.

All the time” means integrated into daily life.

To support positive change, we’ve developed transformational, globally relevant, and scientific tools and methods.  These solutions are used by large entities such as HSBC, FedEx, the US Navy, Emaar, Lenovo… by schools and community organizations… and by individuals around the globe (more clients).  Our work has been featured in O Magazine, The Today Show, Discovery Channel, Chief Learning Officer, and many other publications in 10 languages.   Six Seconds is the first and largest organization 100% dedicated to the development of emotional intelligence, a powerful toolset to support people to create positive change — everywhere, all the time.

The network includes over 50,000 members, and we have offices and representatives in over 25 countries.  From our start in 1997 through 2012, our network has supported over half a million people to practice EQ — and made many more aware of EQ.  Success!  And:  To reach one billion, we need to go further.
PS. Wondering why are we called Six Seconds?   Here’s the story of our unusual name.

Here’s how people in the network describe Six Seconds — and a picture: