Is your team engaged?  How do you know?

Go beyond group.  Beyond harmony.  Find the edge where people thrive.  You can feel the difference.  

What is a team?We measure the skills that create exceptional teams.  Teams where people connect.  Trust.  Collaborate.  Excel.  Emotional intelligence isn’t all it takes… but without it, teams flail.

Rather than conventional “teambuilding” (do the trust fall on Monday, more gossip Tuesday), effective interventions go deeper.

To build strong teams, Six Seconds’ partners and practitioners blend current science, clear metrics, and transformational learning to equip teams with a shared vocabulary, clear performance indicators, and learnable competencies that drive performance.

We define and measure “team-ness” using the Vital Signs Model:  

A context of trust, where people are motivated through shared purpose, adaptable and nimble, building synergy, and delivering consistent results.

These five factors are powerful drivers of team success, accounting for 50-60% of the variation in scores on long-term viability, agility, results, and satisfaction.

Recent articles on emotional intelligence & team effectiveness:

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Case: Doubling Down on EQ Culture at ServRx (5/31/2017) by Joshua Freedman - It's “the classic problem” of a successful startup: The company was growing, but the culture was not. Here's how they used EQ to double their employee engagement and increase net profit by 110%.
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Not just SMART goals, setting CLEAR goals for success (1/23/2017) by Anabel Jensen - Have you been making lists each day but not making progress? Most goals are missing and essential component: emotional intelligence. Power up your goal setting with EQ. By adding the CLEAR method for setting goals to your SMART goals routine, you'll boost your effectiveness. With CLEAR methodology you can use emotional intelligence in goal setting to increase collaboration and empathy, ...
Leading Your Team Through Change (8/10/2016) by Joshua Freedman - When facing challenges leading team change, increasing trust, vitality and purpose are key factors to success.









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