In traditional corporate circles, the idea of emotional intelligence would have been dismissed in favor of management skills, strategic planning, and exerting influence through power. That is no longer the case, particularly in forward-thinking (and feeling) organizations seeking to create competitive advantage by developing a corporate culture that values participation, transparency, collaboration, and engaged leaders. EQ has come to be recognized as an indispensable attribute that can drive results by bringing together our thinking and feeling to make optimal decisions in any given situation.

Six Seconds, as a pioneer in emotional intelligence, started by focusing on understanding and measuring personal EQ. We quickly heard from people we were working with that they wanted a way to apply what they were learning on the personal side to their business lives. That impetus, coupled with the realization that up to 70% of change efforts in business fail, prompted Six Seconds to create Vital Signs, our integrated suite of organization assessment tools, now used around the world by certified coaches and consultants. You can find out more about Vital Signs certification here. More recently, we realized that avidly pursuing EQ in the workplace could foster a sense of organizational vitality, an infectious vibrancy that would permeate every facet of the organization, whether it was a small not-for-profit or a multinational.

de394b968f7ca15450fa8d365589f9d9-bpfullTo spread the word about how emotional intelligence can be promoted in the workplace, Six Seconds recently created an EQ in Business group on our community practice site, This forum is intended to bring people together to talk about their experiences with EQ in a business setting, either as an insider or a consultant, to share best practices, and support each other as we move forward into this exciting new world of emotionally intelligent leadership.




We are always gratified when we hear of others who have taken up the EQ banner, so we were thrilled to see this creative infographic on “How EQ is the new IQ” from across the pond developed by like-minded colleagues at the Brighton School of Business and Management.

infographic snippet

Please enjoy this illustrated guide to emotional intelligence in the workplace and join the conversation in our EQ in Business forum.

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