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Coaching is a powerful process to support people to create positive change – which takes thoughts, feelings, and actions working together. Through this journey you’ll learn to apply International Coach Federation (ICF) Core Competencies for the essentials of coaching; a transformational emotional intelligence framework to make coaching highly effective; plus practical tools to provide metrics for growth.We’ve researched the key ingredients coaches need to launch their practice. Where many programs introduce coaching skills, EQCC prepares and supports you to be an effective coach. Where other programs teach the basics, EQCC equips you to build your practice as a highly effective coach with a robust toolset. The EQCC certification consists of 4 steps: the EQ CORE Certification, CCF, CCI, and CCS, with each step earning hours towards ICF certification.

“I researched many ICF Coach Certification programs and selected EQCC because of the learning model and depth of in-person training. While not the least expensive, learning together in this community is Priceless!!” -Sheri Willis, M.A. ACC, Certified EQ Coach

EQ Coach Certification Integration – Step 3 

Build your capacity to conduct an effective 1-1 coaching session by applying the ICF competencies and emotional intelligence. Apply the ICF competencies with EQ power-tools to conduct highly effective coaching sessions. CCI consists of 7 virtual online sessions + eLearning (14 hours) + practice & independent work.

After completing CCF, the EQ Core Certification, and CCI, you have the option to become an ICF Associate Certified Coach. CCI earns 25 hours toward ICF certification and the option to apply to the ICF as an Associate Certified Coach. Continue to CCS to complete the EQ Coach Certification and earn your ICF PCC Coach accreditation.

After completing the EQ Coach Certification you will be prepared to develop an effective practice as business or personal coach with expertise in the ICF Competencies, powerful EQ tools, and a structure to make coaching into a transformational process. One key differentiator of this program is the deep integration of emotional intelligence as a toolset for your clients, and even more, for the development of self as coach so you are more aware, present, and purposeful in this work.

EQCC is built with three strands woven throughout:

  • Self-as-coach: Develop your EQ skills and coaching presence.
  • Structured Transformational Coaching: Learn a framework to fuel positive change.
  • Coaching Process, Tools and Techniques: Develop expertise in the ICF Competencies and EQ resources.

In total, the EQ Coach Certification includes over 200 instructional hours via twelve days of hands-on training filled with laughter and learning, plus in depth eLearning and virtual online training.

You will learn to:

  • Increase awareness and skill to be the best possible coach.
  • Align your awareness, presence and purpose as the foundation for effective coaching.
  • Effectively structure coaching sessions.
  • Build a coaching program that measurably improves performance.
  • Apply coaching competencies, procedures, and tools to support clients to grow.
  • Build your coaching practice in an effective way. And you’ll feel inspired and empowered as a coaching change maker, and connected to a community of EQ coaches and practitioners.


“I’ve been studying EQ for a number of years; I began looking for a robust EQ program/system that I could fully integrate into our organization’s leadership development program, as well as enhance my coaching experience. After about 6 months of research, I chose Six Seconds. I found the model to be thorough, easy to understand and well-grounded in solid research. Their resource library and support personnel are extremely knowledgeable and responsive and the way they melded their EQ model into the International Coaching Foundation credentialing is outstanding. Lastly, being a member of Six Seconds Global Community provides a valuable insight into different cultures and approaches to applying EQ.”                                –  Rick Smith, Chief Administrative Officer, Vail Health


Coach Certification Integration

Pre-requisites: EQ Core Certification + CCF

Virtual online sessions (7) + eLearning (14 hours) + practice & independent work

 Tuesday and @ 9:00 am PST (San Francisco) / 17:00 GMT (UK) / 18:00 CEST (Paris/Rome)

  • Tuesday, Oct. 29
  • Tuesday, Nov. 5th   
  • Tuesday, Dec. 3rd
  • Tuesday, Dec. 10th,
  • Tuesday, Jan. 7th        
  • Tuesday, Jan.14th
  • Tuesday, Jan. 21st


Apply for course registration on www.6seconds.org/reg

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Date/Time: 29 Oct 2019
. 9:00 AM - 10:30 AM



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