EQ for Families: Accountability Workshop


Workshop Two: Accountability and Choices — “Raising Strong, Caring Kids.”

Help parents teach their children to make more conscious, conscientious, and effective decisions. Accountability means taking ownership of your decisions — and it begins with awareness of the choices we make in our thoughts, feelings, and actions.

The workshop features three exercises:

  • The Volunteer Experiment — understand the concept of patterns
  • Pattern Role Play — recognize patterns in parent/child interaction
  • Dictator, Ally, Victim Words — change patterns of communication

Key learning points include:

  • Feelings are important to making decisions
  • We all follow patterns when we’re not careful
  • Inventory thoughts and feelings, recognize choices, and try alternatives
  • Words teach patterns

Module includes a professional 11-slide presentation and 4-page handout plus quotes to display on the walls.

Each module is a complete two-hour workshop:

  • invitation/announcement
  • complete script / trainer’s guide
  • handout
  • presentation (in Powerpoint®)
  • quotes to post in the room

The presentation, handout, quotes, and invitation, and script (plus introduction and appendix) are provided in the downloadable ZIP file.


  • This is a downloadable product. The zip file size is 2.2 megs.
  • This module is also available by mail in a book with CD ROM.
  • This price is for NONCOMMERCIAL use only, please read the License Agreement before purchasing.
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