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Providing a snapshot of the current school or classroom climate, the EVS assessment quickly identifies areas both supporting and interfering with school success – in a simple, powerful framework ideal for putting the data into action.

EVS equips your school or district to answer essential questions: What is the current social and emotional climate in your classroom, school or district? How does that impact learning? Are the perceptions of the key stakeholders – teachers, parents and students – consistent or divergent? And how can you leverage EQ to create a thriving school climate?

Why EVS?

The Education Vital Signs assessment is a statistically validated, normed assessment of school climate that quickly identifies areas both supporting and interfering with school success.

The climate is the context in which faculty work each day, in which students learn, and in which parents interact; our research shows that the climate based on these perceptions of “connectedness” strongly influences learning, involvement, safety, and thriving. 

The survey is built on the Vital Signs Model, a simple, powerful framework for understanding the ingredients of climate and how they shape the organization’s success. Utilizing the core Six Seconds Emotional Intelligence Model, the EVS works perfectly with dozens of hours of published curriculum, hundreds of resources, and numerous hands-on tools for implementing EQ.


Objective, powerful feedback

Customizable questionnaire 

Feedback broken down by key stakeholders

Creates shared vision within framework for action

What is in the EVS?

This section will be updated shortly.

For now, please feel free to download a sample report and have a look for yourself at the EVS report.


How to access the EVS?

For your enterprise: To experience the EVS for your classroom, school, or district, fill in the form below and tell us about your interests and needs. We’ll connect you with a Six Seconds’ Preferred Partner with deep expertise in the education sector.

For your clients: As a professional working to help schools develop a thriving climate, add the VS toolbox to your practice for a reliable, practical, simple-yet-profound approach. Earn Vital Signs certification through:

Complete Unlocking EQ, Six Seconds’ introductory course, and then a live or virtual Vital Signs Certification, to become an expert in using this remarkable tool.

Read more about VS Certification, and/or see the schedule of upcoming EQ certification programs

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