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Beautiful global event for U.N. Universal Children’s Day. Volunteers in 157 countries holding free “POP-UP Festivals of emotions, wellbeing, and children’s rights” this November. Children, parents, teachers etc come and explore with hands-on activities… celebrating, connecting, gaining new awareness in a positive way. The POP-UP Festivals can be in a living room, class room, meeting room… for any size… all with easy materials for next to no cost. Excited for #EQChildrensDay! Details & sign up on — check out the map of where it’s happening all around the globe!

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I’m joining volunteers in 150+ countries to hold POP-UP Festivals on emotions, wellbeing & children’s rights for U.N. #EQChildrensDay — check out this wonderful virtual event happening all of November:

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What’s a Pop Up Festival for Children’s Day?

Growing Self-Awareness to Nourish the Rights of Children

Relationships: Listening is Learnable – emotional intelligence helps!

Teaching Children to Build a Better World with Emotional Intelligence

Hashtag: The United Nations uses #ChildrensDay for their communication, so we do too, adding EQ for #EQChildrensDay.


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I’m supporting kids & families w POP-UP Festival for @UN #EQChildrensDay – join me! go
Thrilled to be part of this beautiful collab of volunteers in 150+ countries for #EQChildrensDay – how about you?  go
We’re sharing emotional intelligence to equip children & adults for a brighter future for #EQChildrensDay go  
Bring Emotional Intelligence everywhere, join the celebration for #EQChildrensDay go  
For #EQChildrensDay, 150+ countries free POP-UP Festivals on emotions, wellbeing, children’s rights go
For @UNICEF #EQChildrensDay let’s celebrate emotions, wellbeing, children’s rights go
Free kit for “POP-UP Festival” on emotions, wellbeing, children’s rights. For kids + adults who care for them: go
#UNCRC: Kids have right to express opinion. Do their adults need to learn to listen? How? Start w self-awareness go
Use emotional intelligence to empower kids their adults for Universal #EQChildrensDay. How? 90-sec video go
#EQChildrensDay is about rights & responsibilities. That takes emotional intelligence! Here’s how go
What do children MOST need from their adults? Change starts with emotion go
What do children most need from their adults? #EQChildrensDay let’s be worthy role models go
#UNCRC: Kids have right to express opinion. Do their adults need to to learn to listen? How? Start w self-awareness go
#UNCRC: Kids have right to play. Do teachers and parents need emotional intelligence to support? go
What if every child knew their unique talents & committed to contribute to better world? Change starts with heart go
What if every child knew they could make the world better & wanted to? Emotional intelligence is key go
#UNCRC = children have rights. Now adults need to +emotional intelligence to nourish these go
@UNESCO peace starts inside each of us, so lets help all develop more self-awareness w free kits for #EQChildrensDay go
Should every child be supported to develop self-awareness? Their adults need it too! go
UN #EQChildrensDay is November 20-How will you celebrate? Join the party go
Fabulous free learning to share w/ adults or kids for UN #EQChildrensDay go
For UN #EQChildrensDay share emotional intelligence resources in 150+ countries go
How are emotions and well-being connected for kids? Find out on UN #EQChildrensDay go
Celebrate UN #EQChildrensDay by focusing on children’s rights and well-being. go
Children are our future. Celebrate UN #EQChildrensDay with a free POP-UP Festival, free kit go


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@eqjosh Leader of the Emotional Intelligence Network, Master Certified Coach, author, dad, geek, traveler
 @6s_EQ Official Six Seconds Twitter account
@UNICEF UNICEF promotes the rights and wellbeing of every child
@UNDP United Nations Development Programme helps empower lives & build resilient nations
@ASteiner Administrator – United Nations Development Programme
@scyofbc BC nonprofit focused on CRC
@infouncrc empowering rights of CRC
@rightsagenda We protect & promote human rights in Australia & abroad using a strategic combination of legal action, advocacy, research, education & UN engagement.
@together4girls Through our UN, government and private sector partners, we support solutions to end violence against children, especially sexual violence against girls.
@UNICEFC4D C4D is an empowering way to improve the health, nutrition and other outcomes for children and their families.
@ZerViolence2030 United Nations’ High Time initiative to end violence against children. A shared ambition: Zero violence against children by 2030. Lend your time and talent
@UNESCO Building peace where it starts – in the minds of men & women.

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