Resilient People

Johannesburg, South Africa

Resilient People bounce back from adversity, and also bounce FORWARD with AGILTY!

We tailor innovative learning and development solutions for Corporate Leaders, Teams, Departments and for the Organisation, as a whole!

Our philosophy is to provide pragmatic solutions to ensure sustainable behaviour shifts for all levels of employees. Our offerings are backed by Neuroscience, so that people can fight fatigue; deal with being time-poor as well as being stress-rich!

Our motto is  “Simplicity at the far side of complexity!”

As a Preferred Partner with Six Seconds, we make use of their world-class Assessments, tools, techniques  and methodology  to ignite sustainable behaviour change and hence measurably growth for businesses.


Joni Peddie’s first book is The FAB Quotient, aligns with her self proclaimed purpose on the planet. On a daily basis, we should all be incredibly conscious and mindful about how we: Fuel our bodies; Activate our brains & Behave …towards ourselves and others!

Joni is busy writing her 2nd book:  SLEEP is The Swiss Army Knife of Health. 

Joni believes that Personal, Team, Departmental and Organisational behaviour shifts require MEASUREMENT. It’s easier to manage what you measure. This needs to happen at the start. Plus during the client-crafted Journey, and of course at the end, where deliverables of the Journey are celebrated! Joni uses internationally accredited Online Assessments, including the Enneagram Personality System, as well as the Six Seconds Emotional Intelligence Assessments. 

Joni has run this business for 22 years. 

Before that she worked for three multinationals: Unilever; Kimberly Clark and Bristol-Myers Squibb, in marketing; sales and senior leadership positions reporting into London. Besides facilitating organisational culture change, team performance workshops; speaking at conferences and writing books, Joni is an avid trail & road runner with 5 Comrades (90km) and 5 Two Oceans (56km) Ultra Marathons under her belt.

As a Behavioural Strategist, her fascination lies in working with people from around the world. She is based in South Africa, and loves to travel and immerse herself in different cultures. Joni’s pride and joy are her two daughters, both studying at University …  learning, growing and contributing, as a way of finding their own purpose on the planet. The Purpose of Life is a Life of Purpose.

Joni is a Key Note Speaker / Workshop Facilitator for Teams & Organisational Change initiatives /  Enneagram; EQ & Resilience Coach / Info-taining MC

Key Note Talks – tailored to the theme of your Conference & Workshops designed to address the needs of your Organisation.

  • Artificial Intelligence, Human Intelligence and Emotional Intelligence

  • IQ, EQ and Personality

  • The Enneagram : Know Yourself and Know Others

  • The Motivation Iceberg: ways to fuel lasting motivation with EQ

  • Team (& Organisation’s ) Vital Signs : The 5 Climate Drivers: Teamwork, Change, Execution, Motivation & Trust

  • Brain Profiles and diverse approaches to the way we work

  • Enneagram strength boosters per personality type

  • Emotional Intelligence –the basis for all successful relationships

  • Poor Mental Health costs the World $2.5 trillion in lost productivity. How do you tackle the root causes?

Key Note Talks – tailored to the theme of your Conference &  Workshops designed to address the needs of your Organisation.

  • Boost your Wellbeing : Brain-Fog to Brain-Fit

  • FAB Q for Energy. More energy = greater IQ & EQ!

  • Decisions today, that give you energy tomorrow

  • FAB Techniques to deal with Stress

  • The Personal Resilience FAB Code

  • Energy Management is the new Stress Management 

  • Ways to fully recharge without taking a holiday

  • Brain boosters techniques (including how to ‘Sit Less & Move More’ during the workday)

  • FABculator for resilience

Key Note Talks – tailored to the theme of your Conference & Workshops designed to address the needs of your Organisation. 

  • Sleep is the Swiss Army Knife of Health

  • Sleep linked to critical thinking

  • Pragmatic Neuroleadership techniques and sleep 

  • Ways to calm your brain 

  • How to actively reboot your brain at night

  • 9 Science-backed ways to reduce stress

  • Get a sleep divorce – what this means?

  • Natural sleep remedies for good shut eye & Sleep ‘hacks’ for a better brain tomorrow

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