Pause Factory

Lagos, Nigeria

Over the last 9 years as Simeon’s Pivot Resources (the parent company), have successfully deployed leadership, management and soft skills training programs, impacting knowledge within all levels in organizations from Drivers to Chief Executive Officers in all sectors of the economy.

Simeon’s Pivot Resources is a full fledged Human Resource Company and are a member of International Society for Emotional Intelligence. They deploy EI Assessment, EI Training, EI Coaching, EI Certification and soak all other workplace and family learning into Emotional Intelligence Competencies.

Pause Factory’s Vision: To continuously be one of Nigeria’s leading People and Business Development Company

Pause Factory’s Mission: To empower people from all strata of Nigeria and African Society  with this critical, success determining skill called Emotional Intelligence

Their unique selling proposition is the ability to achieve positive change in the life of participants after training. Their training combines these 4 critical elements

  1. Technical Competence
  2. Relational and Emotional Competence associated with the Technical Competence
  3. Deep Self-reflective Elements
  4. Coaching Methodology rather than teaching.

Their values revolve around Emotional Intelligence.

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