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We have over 35 years of experience with organizations and companies of all sizes, partnering with leaders to identify the variables unique to their success and maximize the impact of their most important asset – people. We have deep knowledge and extensive experience in organizational development and business operations, including numerous certifications in various tools of industrial psychology. We use these tools and experience to create F.I.T. © people strategies and business solutions that work specifically for your organization.


As a Preferred Partner with Six Seconds, the largest global EQ network, we apply tools and resources that provide deep insight into the performance and success of leaders, teams and organizations.

Business Solutions

GSC offers a variety of business solutions tailored to the specific needs of your organization and its direction. Each service is customized to your company’s culture.


Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Assessments (individual and 360)
EQ training and developmental pathways
EQ Metrics and KPIs (to enhance productivity and profitability)
Workshops and seminars


Hiring review & recommendations
Custom Selection Model
Custom assessments
Enhance hiring process
Custom hiring for culture
Executive search service


Organizational Culture Transformation
Leadership Transformation
Transformation Initiatives
Strategic Planning System Development

Finding IdeaL Talent© | Forming IdeaL Teams©

Research has shown that top performers produce 2-4 times more than the average producer. But what makes a top producer? Is it different for different organizations and culture? YES! Every organization is unique, as is its culture. A top performer in one company may not be that in another. Finding IdeaL Talent © and Forming IdeaL Teams © – F.I.T. © – is critical to success. The “right fit” can enhance agility and accelerate success. We’re here to help with finding talent and forming teams that promote the growth of your company and its culture.


A strategic plan for people is as important as the organization’s strategic plan. The organization’s strategic plan relies on its people to achieve desired goals and outcomes. Engaging and aligning the human capital in an organization is key to success. This is the heart of finding talent and forming teams.
⦁ Plan development
⦁ Alignment with organizational plans
⦁ Leadership development


Similar to executive search, this process was developed over our 35 years of finding talent and forming teams. It takes the best practices of the search business and adds proprietary practices and services for significantly enhanced outcomes. Our process has proven successful in organizations of all sizes and industries.
⦁ Comprehensive search and selection service
⦁ Proven to reduce turnover
⦁ Guaranteed outcomes


Using our experience in search and selection, Goodner Strategic Consulting provides a value-added service in creating customized hiring processes and systems specific to the needs of the organization. These enhance the success of the search and selection process.
⦁ Selection Models (customized per position)
⦁ Training in better hiring practices
⦁ Training in the use of assessments in hiring

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