Loving Inward



You can feel safe, loved, and whole.

We live in a world that asks us to be more smart. More good looking. More talented. More ambitious. Will you ever be enough? The truth is, you have to decide that for yourself. Self-compassion is the practice of deciding that you are enough… just the way you are. Luckily, we don’t have to be on this journey alone… we can learn to be more kind to ourselves together.

Tuesday, May 7

8-10 AM San Francisco time | Your computer (link provided at registration) | $40/person ($10 off for two)

What is it?

In this virtual workshop, you will use the research-backed tools and methodologies of Six Seconds, the world’s largest EQ non-profit. During these two hours, Maria Jackson will guide you through a series of journaling, meditation, discussion, and goal-setting activities to help you focus in on how best to give yourself what you need in order to feel safe, loved, and whole. This introduction to self-compassion will be interactive and experiential… all from the comfort of your computer.

Testimonials for Maria's Workshops

The tools I desperately needed...

Wow! That was a great workshop! Maria’s workshop resonated deeply with me. From the activities to the research, from the breathing work to the group work, the workshop was very balanced and gave me the understanding and the tools I desperately needed.

Integration of research, discussion, and art

This workshop was a lot of fun! I enjoyed the integration of research, discussion, movement, journaling, and artistic expression into a transformational experience.

My first virtual workshop!

This was the first time I have experienced  the wonders of technology by participating in a Virtual Workshop. I was not just impressed by you and the content, but also what we are capable of doing! It was so rewarding to talk to people from all around the world in the breakout groups.

Join us in creating a more self-compassionate world.

The world needs what you have to offer. It needs your sincerity, your creativity, and your commitment. Make the investment in yourself to learn to speak kindly to yourself, be gentle with yourself, and invest in yourself. The world needs it.

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