You Don’t Have to Be Perfect: (4 ACE Units)

Event: ace | 25 Feb 2019 ,

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A Virtual Workshop for Perfectionists Seeking Self-Acceptance

Perfectionism, or the fear of making mistakes, is in the blood of many brilliant, purposeful, and creative people. But, the research on perfectionism doesn’t lie: It’s giving us depression, more anxiety, and it’s causing our performance to suffer. It’s time to create a new story for yourself.

Who would you look like if you took more impactful risks + were less afraid of making mistakes?

Who would you look like if the belonging + validation you needed came from the inside?

Who would you look like if you offered yourself the same grace + compassionyou offer others in the face of mistakes?

What is it?

  • A 2-hour interactive, supportive, and ‘beneath the iceberg’ workshop guided by Illuminate’s Maria Jackson
  • Virtual. Join from the comfort of your own computer.
  • Community. Join like-minded others in finding the truth behind your perfectionistic ways.
  • Evidence-based + actionable. Discover + use research-backed tools to nurture the self-acceptance that comes from within.
  • Structured. Workshop will include discussion, journaling, guided meditation, and embodiment exercises.
  • Section 1: Know Yourself
    I. Introductions/ Centering meditation
    II. Choosing your root belief of perfectionism
    III. Embodying what you need
    IV. The research of perfectionism
    Section 2: Choose Yourself
    I. Small group discussion topics
    II. Representing your perfectionism through art
    III. Journaling your story
    IV. Intro to self-compassion
    Section 3: Give Yourself
    I. Practicing self-compassion in the moment while struggling
    II. Self-compassion embodiment exercises
    III. Rapid-fire techniques for increasing self-compassion
    IV. How will you apply what you’ve learned?
    V. Restorative self-compassion meditation


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Date/Time: 25 Feb 2019
. 8:00 AM - 10:00 AM



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