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The Trust Style Inventory (TSI) is an assessment that measures how people trust. It is based on the principles of the Pillar of Trust and the 6 Seconds KCG Emotional Intelligence Model. Because of this, the assessment offers a very important feature that other trust psychometrics don’t: It is an emotionally intelligent instrument designed to provide respondents with a sense of safety because no-one wants to be viewed as untrustworthy.
The Trust Style Inventory Certification was designed with two goals in
mind:  1) It helps practitioners address their intrinsic trust gaps before they can support others on a similar quest; and 2) it equips trust facilitators with tools they need to support individuals and teams with trust building.
Get certified to use the TSI to:
  • Strengthen team performance
  • Develop talent
  • Build teams and better work relationships
  • Improve engagement
  • Initiate cultural change
  • Resolve conflict
  • Become more agile
The Pillar of Trust Program License:
Once you successfully complete the TSI Certification, you can qualify for an annual license to use the TSI and other developmental tools and courses to facilitate trust building within organizations.
Who can Benefit?
Coaches, Consultants, Change Facilitators, HR Practitioners, OD specialists, Executives, Managers, Business Owners and more can benefit from the TSI Certification.
3 Streams of Income
For business owner licensees… If you integrate the licensed tools into your offering, you can create three streams of income!
Course Content
Here are some of the course modules:
1. What is Trust?
2. Trusting Others
3. Building Your Personal Pillar of Trust 
4. Integrity 
5. Emotional Mastery 
6. Developing Your We Disposition
7. The Trust Style Inventory 
8 Uncovering Your Trust Style
9. Trusting Yourself
10. Trust Willingness
11. Trustworthiness
12. When Trust is Hard to Give
13. Vulnerability and Safe Space
14. Taking the Risk to Trust
15. Creating Trust Building Strategies
16. Building Team Trust Through Coaching
The Six Seconds Connection
The TSI is a complementary tool for the SEI and OVS tools that provides insight into how people trust.
2019 TSI Certification Dates
August 19th – September 30th , 2019
The first online session will happen on August 21, 2019 from 3:00 pm – 4:30 pm PST / 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm EST
November 4th – December 15th , 2019
Course Structure: Self-study and online webinars
About your facilitator:

As CEO and licensed program developer and director, cultural transformation advisor, award winning author, speaker, and founder of Organizational Soul, Yvette Bethel understands the people side of organizations. She helps organizational leaders resolve strategic talent issues, correct organizational design challenges, and build constructive cultures. Yvette is a Fulbright Scholar who brings more than 30 years of corporate, government and non-profit experience, to her clients. Her insights, ability to connect the dots, and willingness to be authentic in difficult conversations, bring lasting value to her network and clients.

She is the creator of multiple licensed programs based on her multiple award-winning and Amazon Best Selling book, Interconnectivity, Flow and Balance which provides new perspectives about persistent organizational challenges. Her insights are designed to shift leaders’ perspectives so they can stretch their organizations past perceived limits. The IFB framework is the foundation for the programs that make-up the Conscious Organization and is based on the core values of integrity, self-mastery, and the “we” disposition. These principles come together to create a pillar of trust that strengthens engagement, teams, and networks.

Yvette is the author of the CD audiobook, “Your Workplace Survival Kit” and books: “E.Q. Librium”, and “Getting to E.Q. Librium” which received a USA Best Book Award. As a conference speaker, Yvette has more than ten years experience presenting at professional conferences. Her professional speaking engagements are varied and include the 2013 Nexus EQ Conference at Harvard Medical School and EQ Con in 2018.

Registration Fee: The first 20 TSI Certification registrants for the August 19th, 2019 course will qualify for a special offer. You will receive the TSI Certification and an annual license to offer the Pillar of Trust Program for the cost of the TSI Certification: $2,595.00 – a introductory 75% reduction!

Introductory Offer:
The Trust Style Inventory is the pre-requisite for the Pillar of Trust Program License whichlicenses you to use the TSI Inventory as well as online courses that can support trust building once trust styles are identified.
Our special offer goes to the first 20 certified registrants for the TSI Certification. They are eligible for both the TSI Certification and Pillar of Trust Program license for ONLY the cost of the certification –$2,595.00. A 75% discount!

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Date/Time: 19 Aug 2019
. 3:00 PM - 4:30 PM



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