Upcoming Events

5 Jun 2019,
SEI Refresher Session (2 ACE Units)

As certified SEI Assessor, you are invited to join the first intense SEI refresher session. Content will be all about the SEI assessments and SEI 360 assessments with a specific and practical focus.

14 Jun 2019,
EQ Debrief – Deep Dive (12 ACE Units)

Accredited Six Seconds Participants will dive deeper into the SEI Leadership EQ report to optimise the dialogue during an EQ debrief on the three pursuits of the 6 Seconds model; Know yourself – Self-awareness, Choose Yourself – Self-management and Give Yourself – Self-direction, focusing on the synergies between EQ competencies to enhance the individual’s effectiveness, influence, quality of life, decision making and relationships.

8 Oct 2019, United States Wellesley MA
SEQ Profiler Training - Live Class -EQ Con Boston 2019 (10 ACE units)

Spiritual Emotional Intelligence (SEQ) is all about connection—to yourself, people you know, and the larger world. How can we live more congruently, more often?

You might think of SEQ as a way to supercharge the Noble Goal—that overarching sense of purpose that helps us stay in alignment across all areas of our lives.

8 Oct 2019, United States Wellesley MA
EQFIT® Sales Profile - LIVE Certification Class (12 ACE Units)

EQFIT® Sales Profile (from GSCFIT), developed in partnership with Six Seconds, the global leader in emotional intelligence. Powered by the SEI (Six Seconds Emotional Intelligence) assessment…the EQFIT® Sales Profile is designed to provide what no other sales assessment does, a real time measure of an individual’s ability to connect, build trust, and influence others in the sales effort. This insight is critical to making the best decisions and creating the most value.

9 Oct 2019 - 10 Oct, United States Greater Boston Massachusetts
EQCON 2019 (12 ACE units)

Mark your Calendars for EQCON 2019!

Level up your EQ business at EQCON. Dive into Six Seconds’ community of practice. Forge alliances, make new friends and discover the latest tools & research in EQ.  Don’t miss the opportunity to showcase your business and to learn from others in the North American EQ Network.

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