EQ Assessor & Change Certification

Event: Certification, UEQ | 6 Aug 2019 ,

Price: AU$2,110. - AU$2,605. | More: PDF brochure or link


Learn to measure, develop and leverage Emotional Intelligence for personal and professional transformation.  In addition learn to apply a robust assessment tool to Change Leadership. 

Equip your practice with the world-class emotional intelligence assessment (the SEI®) and the specialized SEI LTC (Leading Through Change) toolset to equip leaders with the insight and skills to thrive in change – and successfully bring others along.

“The SEI LTC has supported me through a life-changing leadership experience. Along the way I have unearthed the values that drive me, identified the source of my intrinsic motivation, discovered my leadership blind spots and gained insight into how I can be more influential. I would thoroughly recommend UBalancer if you want to be not only an effective leader, but an inspiring one. I look forward to using the SEI LTC to develop inspired, AGILE leadership in my team

–Trish Johnston, Assistant Secretary, Communications Branch, Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet, Australia

Certification Benefits

There is a growing body of research evidence that the learnable, measurable skills of emotional intelligence are the “Difference that makes the difference” — see 6sec.org/case

FedEx: 59.8% of leadership performance predicted by EQ. New managers increased EQ by 12% yielding dramatic improvements in effectiveness. 6sec.org/fedex

Amadori: 76% of employee engagement predicted by EQ. Higher EQ managers have a more committed workforce and drop turnover by 63%. 6sec.org/amadori

Komatsu: 9.4% increase in plant productivity. In three months of integrating EQ to increase vitality, engagement doubled. 6sec.org/komatsu

The World Economic Forum’s “The Future of Jobs” research identifies emotional intelligence as one of the top skills for the future. Why? Today, success requires collaboration, influencing across boundaries, and navigating complexity — skills that are fueled by emotional intelligence (or “EQ”).


If you aren’t a certified EQ Assessor yet, please register for the upcoming course series which includes the virtual Unlocking EQ course, the EQ Assessor Certification and the SEI LTC eLearning.

If you are a Six Seconds Certified SEI Assessor, you can register anytime and get started with the eLearning.


The EQ Assessor and Change Certification


Unlocking EQ – Class 1 – 6th August, 2019 @ 16:00 Singapore time

                         Class 2 – 13th August, 2019 @ 16:00 Singapore time

EQ Assessor Certification –  Class 1 – 20th August, 2019 @ 16:00 Singapore time, subsequent classes to be scheduled with your instructor

SEI LTC (Leading through Change) Certification  –   e-learning   

Course fees:

UEQ in-person: UEQ virtual: AU $ 325

EQAC virtual : AU $1985

SEI LTC virtual: AU $ 295

Total: AU$2,110. – AU$2,605.

Questions, please email Sue McNamara, Regional Network Director, APAC, [email protected]

Register here

Schedule note: If you want to attend this course but timing doesn’t work, please contact us, let us know your schedule and we’ll find an option!


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Date/Time: 6 Aug 2019
. 4:00 PM - 5:30 PM



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