EQFIT™ Sales Profile Certification (12 ACE Units)

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EQFIT™ Sales Profile is designed to provide a significant enhancement to both the selection of talent (hiring process) and the development of staff in the arena of sales. This assessment provides what other sales assessments fail to provide, insight into a person’s capacity and approach to connecting, building trust, managing the sales cycle and persuading others to buy, specifically through leveraging the proven competencies of emotional intelligence.

This assessment is designed to be used in determining the “style” and competencies (success factors) most beneficial in different types of sales efforts. Since each culture and organization is unique, it is recommended that current sales staff in an organization be given the assessment, then compared against performance data to determine the competencies and style(s) most prevalent in top performers (benchmarking/talent analytics). This provides data that enhances both the hiring and the developmental process. To add even more value, this assessment may be applied on a regular basis to provide a measure of developmental progress.

In sales…initiative, persuasion, accountability, direction, friendliness, understanding, persistence and resourcefulness are competencies that drive success. The combination of these provide insight into how successful an individual may be in a given arena of sales. When these competencies are overlaid with 2 axis, short vs. long term sales cycle…and transactional vs. relational approach, the true power of this assessment emerges.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn to interpret the EQFIT™ Sales Profile
  • Study the EQFIT™ Sales Profile certification guide
  • Gain understanding of the elements of the EQFIT™ Sales Profile
  • Learn how to apply the EQFIT™ Sales Profile in:
    • Talent Analytics, Hiring, Developing Individuals and Teams, Creating Performance Metrics
  • Experience the debrief process personally, then practice debriefing with 1 client
  • Complete the exercises in the workbook and reflect on the learning



  • March 21, 2019 6-7:30pm CST
  • March 28, 2019 6-7:30pm CST

Participants: The EQFIT™ Sales Profile is open to anyone interested in becoming certified in this profile. While SEI certification is not required to utilize this profile, it is recommended that SEI certification be attained. The SEI competencies are the core competencies being measured to determine the success factors in the EQFIT™ Sales Profile.

Instructional Methods:

There are two 90-minute virtual classes focusing on the following elements:

  1. Understanding the EQFIT™ Sales Profile model (styles and success factors) and how they relate to the SEI competencies
  2. Interpreting the EQFIT™ Sales Profile
  3. Application of the EQFIT™ Sales Profile in real world situations
  4. Learning how to sell the EQFIT™ Sales Profile and developing ways to implement the promotion of it in their business efforts

Participants will be required to spend approximately 5 additional hours on reflection or practice assignments (including completing a workbook), for a total of approximately 8 hours. The final project will include setting up 1 EQFIT™ Sales Profile and debriefing with a client.

Assessment Procedures:

After each session, course participants will complete the workbook segment for that portion and complete all assignments, submitting their reflection of the learning to the course instructors, along with any specific applications of the learning.  This will include using their own profile to synthesize the learning and application. Each participant will have the opportunity to partner with another participant to debrief them on their EQFIT™ Sales Profile.

After the second session, the final project will be to set up and debrief an EQFIT™ Sales Profile client and submit a written reflection of the process (included in the workbook). In addition, they will be asked to submit feedback on the certification process through the workbook.


The course is led by Steve and Ann Goodner. Bios and contact info can be found here:

www.gscfit.com      [email protected]        [email protected]           [email protected]

Accreditation (recap what needs to be done to earn credits):

To earn the ACE units, participants are required to attend both 90-minute virtual sessions, plus complete the workbook and post-session assignments.  The final assignment includes setting up and debriefing at least 1 EQFIT™ Sales Profile with a client and a written reflection of that process. Part 1 of the workbook must be completed before the next class. The final assignment (including the completion of the workbook) is due for ACE units to be awarded.

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Date/Time: 21 Mar 2019
. 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM



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