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Professionals committed to ongoing development to build true expertise in emotional intelligence know that ongoing learning is essential. In a domain with rapidly evolving science and practice, where do you turn to find training that will add value to your work?

The Six Seconds’ accredited continuing education (ACE) courses below are selected for their relevance, robust design, and the experience of the facilitators. Six Seconds’ Certified Practitioners need 12 ACE units per year for certification renewal. Click here to learn more about ACE, ongoing ACE opportunities, and getting courses accredited.

Jun 2018

27 Jun 2018: Italy Bologna
Migliora con Wave (8 ACE Units)

Il corso “migliora i tuoi risultati con WAVE” si pone l’obiettivo di trasferire ai partecipanti il metodo che permette di ottimizzare le interazioni tra comportamenti, pensieri ed emozioni. Fornisce strumenti per definire i propri obiettivi di sviluppo, progettare le azioni da compiere e verificarne la loro efficacia

28 Jun 2018:
Engage the EQ Opportunity – 10 Steps to Activating Your EQ Business (3 ACE Units)

Branding – the promise you make to your clients and the way you present and differentiate yourself in your marketplace. Who will your clients be? What Six Seconds tools and methodologies will you bring to them? If you heard some of your clients speaking to someone else about what you do, what would you like them to say about you and your efforts? What would make your clients become “promoters” of you? Branding is critical to increasing your presence and impact. Six Seconds provides a multiplicity of advantages in differentiating yourself in your market. This webinar will focus on how to enhance your Brand (create and deliver your promise) with these advantages.


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