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Professionals committed to ongoing development to build true expertise in emotional intelligence know that ongoing learning is essential. In a domain with rapidly evolving science and practice, where do you turn to find training that will add value to your work?

The Six Seconds’ accredited continuing education (ACE) courses below are selected for their relevance, robust design, and the experience of the facilitators. Six Seconds’ Certified Practitioners need 12 ACE units per year for certification renewal. Click here to learn more about ACE, ongoing ACE opportunities, and getting courses accredited.

Mar 2019

21 Mar 2019:
EQFIT™ Sales Profile Certification (12 ACE Units)

This assessment is designed to be used in determining the “style” and competencies (success factors) most beneficial in different types of sales efforts. Since each culture and organization is unique, it is recommended that current sales staff in an organization be given the assessment, then compared against performance data to determine the competencies and style(s) most prevalent in top performers (benchmarking/talent analytics). This provides data that enhances both the hiring and the developmental process. To add even more value, this assessment may be applied on a regular basis to provide a measure of developmental progress.

Oct 2019

9 Oct 2019 - 10 Oct: United States Greater Boston Massachusetts
EQCON 2019

Mark your Calendars for EQCON 2019!

Level up your EQ business at EQCON. Dive into Six Seconds’ community of practice. Forge alliances, make new friends and discover the latest tools & research in EQ.  Don’t miss the opportunity to showcase your business and to learn from others in the North American EQ Network.


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