26 Jul 2019: United States Atherton CA
EQ Assessor Certification: Metrics to Apply Emotional Intelligence

Equip your practice with the world-class emotional intelligence assessment suite, the SEI® toolkit. Measure the skills that fuel transformation and unlock human capacity in a framework for growth and action. Following UEQ + EQPC, the EQ Assessor is the final step in the CORE Certification.

29 Jul 2019 - 30 Jul: United States San Jose
EQ Educator Certification

Classroom teachers, counselors, and volunteers learn to facilitate social-emotional learning lessons. Participants walk away with a clear process for SEL instruction, an understanding of Six Seconds model and approach, plus resources & curriculum for 4-8 months of teaching.  While most educators see the value in social-emotional learning, most schools do not have a systematic, comprehensive, developmental approach to these essential skills.

29 Jul 2019: United Kingdom Manchester
EQ Insights for People Management Certification

How do you practically apply the concepts of the Brain Profiles to make a WOW workshop for managers? Brain Profilers, join this 1-day certification to use the powerful Insights for People Management workbook-report & workshop curriculum.

2 Aug 2019: Peru Lima
Libera tu EQ, Perú con Josh Freedman

Sumérjase en la poderosa metodología de Six Seconds y aprenda qué es la inteligencia emocional, por qué es importante, y de que manera opera.
Este curso , único en su tipo; es ideal para las personas que buscan incorporar la inteligencia emocional (EQ) a su trabajo y a su vida. Libera Tu EQ (UEQ) es el primer paso de la certificación CORE EQ de Six Seconds.

Lo invitamos a una experiencia de inmersión en el enfoque único de Six Seconds para aprender como crear valor con la inteligencia emocional y ver que puede lograr usando este método.

3 Aug 2019 - 5 Aug: Peru Lima
Certificación EQ Practitioner: Aumentando con su Capacidad para Transformarse con Inteligencia Emocional - con Josh Freedman

Aumente su dominio de la inteligencia emocional para aumentar su propia efectividad y para ayudar a otros a desarrollar EQ, utilizando la potente metodología y modelo de Six Seconds. Después de asistir a Libera Tu EQ”,  este curso EQPC es el segundo paso en el trayecto CORE de la certificación EQ de Six Seconds. Aprenda de los líderes en el campo cómo elevar su inteligencia emocional  y  apoyar a los demás. Desarrolle una comprensión profunda de EQ  a medida que adquiere nuevas herramientas que puede aplicar de inmediato, y generar un cambio positivo en el trabajo, en el hogar y en la escuela, empezando por usted.

4 Aug 2019:
Brain Profiler Virtual Certification 7 PM Dubai Time

The Brain Profiles distill the power of an advanced emotional intelligence assessment tool into one page for compelling, quick, meaningful insight. They are ideal to make EQ into a practical vocabulary in a wide range of learning & development programs through the cycle of talent development, from selection through to development. 

5 Aug 2019:
Youth Version Assessor Certification (YVAC) (MEAI Region)

This course provides certification in the SEI-YV and pYV and an understanding of the role of assessments in the overarching field of social emotional learning. This certification introduces participants to Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) and its demonstrated importance in educational development. Participants will study the Six Seconds’ benchmarks for integrating SEL into a school setting and understand the value of assessments for adults and youth, for integration into curriculum, for classroom climate, and school culture.  The SEI-YV and pYV measures and their applications are a critical part of this process.

7 Aug 2019: Peru Lima
Certificación EQ Insights for People Management, Perú

¿Cómo aplicaría de manera práctica los conceptos adquiridos en la Certificación Brain Profiler para realizar workshops sorprendentes para gerentes? 
Lo invitamos a este día de certificación para potenciar su maestría en la Gestión de Personas. 

7 Aug 2019:
Unlocking EQ: Virtual 12 PM San Francisco Time

Dive into Six Seconds’ powerful methodology and learn why, what, & how emotional intelligence works. This is the only course of its kind – ideal for people seeking to incorporate emotional intelligence (EQ) into their work and life. Unlocking EQ (UEQ) is the first step of Six Seconds’ CORE EQ Certification.

7 Aug 2019:
Facilitator Integration (Virtual, San Francisco Time) - Prerequisite to the Certified EQ Facilitator

How do you “translate” the powerful insights & tools from the EQ Core  (UEQ + PC + AC) into effective learning modules for your clients/students? The Facilitator Integration (FI) is a special program for EQ Core grads, supporting you to integrate & apply your learning to practical application.

13 Aug 2019: United Arab Emirates Dubai
EQ Assessor Certification: Supercharge Coaching with Emotional Intelligence, Virtual , Dubai

Ideally coaching supports clients to create positive change – but change doesn’t happen just from “knowing”. Emotions are a key driver for professional and personal transformation. The EQAC equips professionals with a powerful emotional intelligence assessment (the SEI) and the Six Seconds Change MAP as a roadmap for structuring a transformation coaching process fueled by EQ. The course has been approved for 33 ICF Coach Continuing Education units.

16 Aug 2019:
Education Vital Signs Certification

The Education Vital Signs (EVS) is a statistically validated, normed assessment of school climate that quickly identifies areas both supporting and interfering with school success. The school/district climate influences critical constituent behaviors such as communication, problem-solving, and accountability – factors that affect students’/parents’/employees’ ability to work effectively. Become certified to administer the EVS and receive an EVS as part of the certification process.

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