EQ EU Virtual Conference 2018

October 11th, 2018 – 10:00 am  – 18:45 CEST (Vienna time)

Join allies & experts from many sectors in Europe (and beyond) to connect and consider key questions for growth:

Is “emotional intelligence” an important concept for Europe today?

What does it mean in the European context?

How is emotional intelligence being utilised (and underutilised) in business, education, family life around Europe?

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Session 1: Growing Together?

The latest data on emotional intelligence in Europe – what are the implications in all sectors? Are we ready for the next stage? What capabilities will be required if we want to grow together… rather than growing apart?

Session 2: Growing Readiness

With rapid change and many disruptors, from AI to immigration to Brexit, how are human resources leaders growing the capabilities needed for organizations to work well in the next decade?

Session 3: Growing Strengths

People around Europe are struggling to maintain equilibrium in all the chaos of the decade. How can we use coaching and other methods to grow our personal resilience to stay true to ourselves as so much change happens around us?

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