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Don’t miss the essential EQ event of the year. Designed for everyone committed to a billion people practicing EQ, this is where you take your EQ work to the next level. EQCON is 2019’s can’t miss celebration for the Six Seconds network to engage, recharge, and take it higher. 



What makes EQCON more+ than other conferences?

  • Be first-in-the-world to experience with the newest EQ tools and latest research, straight from the innovators.
  • Step up your impact (and brand) by joining Six Seconds’ projects with the United Nations and UNICEF to empower the Sustainable Development Goals with EQ.
  • Make your EQ sales more effective by leveraging the latest cases and success stories.
  • Strengthen the impact of your EQ coaching and facilitation by adapting the “wow” exercises & methods that are working.
  • Vitalize your alliance with highly skilled & experienced partners, expanding your network of EQ pros.
  • Recharge your own EQ strengths to go back and champion this work with even more zing.
  • And… for those new to Six Seconds: experience in-depth tools powered by the latest neuroscience on emotions & learning and join the world leading experts on implementing EQ.

Not ready to reserve your spot yet?

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Take advantage of the early bird rate and register by July 25th for $699 pricing.


Early Bird



UNTIL 7/25/19





AFTER 7/25/19 and ON-SITE

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