SEQ Profile

The SEQ Profile measures your current capacity to create a full, meaningful and connected life using spiritual and emotional insight – and provides personalized feedback for developing the skills that fuel connection.

The SEQ Profile helps you answer essential questions: How connected do you feel to yourself, your community and the larger world? What skills do you need to cultivate to deepen these connections and live a more meaningful and balanced life? What would your life look like if you were in better alignment across the 3 domains of Awareness, Insight and Belonging?

Why SEQ Profile?

The SEQ Profile is all about connection – to yourself, your community and the larger world – and using that connection to create a life full of purpose and meaning.

Think of the SEQ Profile as feedback on how to supercharge your Noble Goal – that overarching sense of purpose that helps us stay in alignment across all areas of our lives.


Measures a person’s connection across 3 domains: Awareness, Insight and Belonging

Provides personalized feedback on how to fuel connection by developing your Spiritual Emotional Intelligence

Recommends next steps and strategies based on the current breakdown of your SEQ results

What is in the SEQ Profile?

The SEQ Profile begins by introducing the domains of Awareness, Belonging and Insight, shows your current level of alignment between them, and then provides feedback on what tiles you may be able to leverage to develop your Spiritual Emotional Intelligence, with specific suggestions for growth and development.

Use the form at the bottom of the page to request a report — or even better, request an opportunity to take the assessment and have a debrief to experience the power of this tool.


Sample: Awareness, Belonging and Insight

The SEQ Profile starts with a simple, clear introduction to the domains that fuel connection – Awareness, Belonging and Insight – and your current level of alignment between these 3 domains.

SEQ Profile


Sample: SEQ Tiles to Leverage

The SEQ Profile provides feedback on what skills you may be able to leverage to further develop your Spiritual Emotional Intelligence and use it to fuel a connected, meaningful life.

SEQ Profile

How to access the SEQ Profile?

For you: To experience the SEQ Profile yourself, fill in the form below and tell us about your needs. We’ll connect you with a Six Seconds’ Preferred Partner with deep expertise in your sector or application.

For your enterprise: To utilize the SEQ Profile in your organization, you can either develop capacity for EQ leadership development internally (see the next paragraph) or one of Six Seconds’ Preferred Partners or Certified Professionals will work with you to make it happen. Just fill in the form at the bottom of the page.

For your clients: As a professional working to grow spiritual and emotional connection, add the SEQ Profile toolbox by becoming certified. This tool requires the completion of Unlocking EQ, Six Seconds’ 1-day introduction to EQ that can be done virtually or in person, followed by completion of the SEQ Certification.

In order to start this process, please fill out the form below and one of our Regional Network Directors will be in touch and can walk you through the steps to get certified and start using this unique, fabulous tool.

Request a sample report and additional information on SEQ Profile

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