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This custom emotional intelligence tool measures resilience in a practical, actionable, and personalized framework.

The Resilience Up Profile is the essential tool for measuring and improving resilience. From leadership development to wellbeing initiatives, this tool is specifically designed to help people adapt and thrive in today’s climate of turbulence and unprecedented change.

Why Resilience Up?

Resilience isn’t just about bouncing back after a setback…it’s about developing the capacity to prepare for, recover from, adapt and move forward with agility and energy in the face of stress, adversity or challenge. In order to thrive in the current climate of increasing turbulence and complexity, we need to be more resilient.

Developed by an international team of experts in the fields of resilience and emotional intelligence, the Resilience Up Profile is the only real-time assessment which measures people’s resilience and provides actionable insights for growing resilience.

The unique strength of the Resilience Up Profile is that its simple enough to jump right in to, and sophisticated enough to drive long-term transformation. The invaluable data from this tool gives us the power to activate the adaptive skills we need to be more successful in work and in life. 


Measures the essential dimensions of a person’s resilience

Frames your Resilience Up results in the context of Key Performance Indicators

Provides easy to understand, actionable feedback on how to develop the resilience that you need to be more successful professionally and personally.

Offers tips and self-coaching questions based on your current Resilience Up Profile results.

What is in the Resilience Up Profile?

The Resilience Up Profile offers a snapshot of a person’s overall resilience score and personalized feedback on areas of strength and areas of opportunity, within the framework of the Resilience Cycle and connected to key Performance Indicators (PIs). It provides a personalized action plan to grow resilience.

Use the form at the bottom of the page to request a report — or even better, request an opportunity to take the assessment and have a debrief to experience the power of this tool.

Sample: Measuring Dimensions of Resilience

The first section of the Resilience Up Profile starts with introducing the Dimensions of Resilience – the 4 components of Mind, Body, Emotions and Purpose that make up a person’s overall resilience – and a current snapshot of your areas of strength and areas of opportunity.

Sample: Resilience Cycle in Action

The second section of the Resilience Up Profile dives into the Resilience Cycle – a framework for growing resilience that is personalized based on your Resilience Up Profile.

Sample: Performance Indicators

The third section of the Resilience Profile shows the a snapshot of a person’s eight Performance Indicators, which are driven by resilience and emotional intelligence:

Sample: Personalized Action Plan

The final section provides a personalized action plan, with self-coaching questions, to grow your overall resilience.

Download a full sample report of the Resilience Up Profile by filling out the form at the bottom of the page.

How to access the Resilience Up Profile?

For you: To experience the Resilience Up Profile yourself, fill in the form below and tell us about your needs. We’ll connect you with a pro who can help you.

For your enterprise: To up your your team’s or organization’s performance by activating the resilience you need to thrive, you can either develop capacity for development internally (see the next paragraph) or one of Six Seconds’ Preferred Partners or Certified Professionals will work with you to make it happen. Just fill in the form at the bottom of the page.

For your clients: As a professional working to develop resilient people, teams and organizations, add the Resilience Up Profile to your practice for a simple, practical, yet life-changing solution. Click here to get certified in the Resilience Up Profile now

Request a sample report and additional information on this specialized EQ tool

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