SEL Implementation

Implement SEL in Your School

Hallmarks of a Successful SEL Program

An evidence-based approach to social emotional learning will include highly effective learning programs for all stakeholders in the school community — continuously informed by strong assessment data:


What are SEL best practices?

As shown in Six Seconds’ Roadmap for SEL Implementation (download here), SEL implementation will consider the various stakeholders with specific, measurable development of skills.


Six Seconds has defined a set of eight core competencies, structured into a process to use emotional intelligence.  This is the “Six Seconds Model of Emotional Intelligence.”  It is measured by the SEI-YV assessment for youth.

These tools help answer questions such as: what are the specific skills youth need to navigate the complexities of school and life?  What internal competencies will support them to make effective decisions?  What awareness and skills will assist them to form healthy, supportive, sustaining relationships?


What do educators need to model and teach these skills to students? How do we learn and get support to practice these skills?  Again, the Six Seconds Model provides a process framework to do so — with a competency measure provided by the SEI assessment. Six Seconds also offers training and coaching certification for educators in K-12 and Higher Education. We offer in person and online training opportunities.


When parents develop their own EQ skills, they are more able to be aware of their feelings, make more intentional and less reactive choices, and connect with their children and their long term hopes and dreams for them. Equipping parents with the vocabulary and skills of emotional intelligence allows them to support their children and partner with the school.

Please see more about EQ Parent Education here.


Administrators, Leaders, and Community members

Leading a systematic SEL implementation requires emotionally intelligent leadership — and a systemic way to measure.  School Climate, the environment in which educators and students work each day, provides a framework for assessing the school community as a whole.

Six Seconds publishes the Education Vital Signs tools to define and measure school climate and to form the springboard for dialogue and decisions.

You can find a rich library of resources for implementing on – including the free eLearning course, iSEL, and the educator toolkit from the project.

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