Climate of Emotions Action Pack

Harnessing Our Feelings for a Better Future

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See below for links from the panelists and organizers on how to continue the conversation – grow your capacity – take action

Suggestions are organized for:



parents & educators

Give to Green 13

We believe in the skills of emotional intelligence support children’s wellbeing and mental health – including climate anxiety and eco-grief.

We’re creating a special collection of wellbeing resources with the help of climate activists. psychologists and scientists. We’re sharing these materials for FREE in partnership with UNICEF World Children’s Day. Click here for more ways to participate!

Share Your Climate Emotions

What are some of your feelings about the climate and the state of the world today? We’ve made a template pack you can download, or just go to our Insta story @6secondseq

Amplify awareness that emotions matter by sharing on social with #ClimateEmotions

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Climate Emotions Action Resources: Youth

The Pollinator Project

$1K grants given daily for grassroots global change agents

UNICEF Voices of Youth

For youth 13 to 24: a platform to express yourself through blogs, poems, illustrations or photo essays.

Smithsonian internships

Opportunities in science, history, art and culture

EarthEcho’s Youth Leadership Council

For ages 15-22, a Youth Leadership Council to advise and advocate for community conservation. Applications due May 1, 2020.

Dream Hubs

For teens — online collaboration with peers toward the Sustainable Development Goals

Global Youth Service Day

Repository of youth-designed environmental and climate service projects

Climate Emotions Action Resources: Everyone

Green 13 Campaign

We’re collaborating to create resources on climate anxiety – to be shared with millions of kids through the POP-UP Festival in partnership with UNICEF World Children’s Day. Please click here to read about the campaign and make a donation to the project…. plus click here for more ways to participate!

Growing You Online

Build your EQ capabilities and nourish yourself with free and low-cost classes, LIVE-online daily to grow and practice emotional intelligence.

The Secret to Talking About Climate Change

Explainer video that offers tips and tricks on how to have effective climate conversations with family and friends.

Children of the Crisis

Recent article in Rolling Stone magazine about children facing the climate crisis in an age of eco-anxiety.

You Aren’t Alone In Grieving The Climate Crisis

NPR Radio Science Friday segment on climate crisis grief.

Emotional Intelligence Certification

Embed EQ methods and tools in your work through in-depth training on emotional intelligence as a coach, facilitator, consultant or educator

Britt Wray on TED

TED Talk that discusses how climate change impacts our mental health

Good Grief Network

Come together in community, process heavy feelings, take meaningful action: “10-Steps to Personal Resilience & Empowerment in a Chaotic Climate” program:

Renee Lertzman on TED

TED Talk that discusses the emotional effects of climate change and offers insights on how psychology can help us.

Start a MasterPeace Club

Connect to changemakers around the world who are creating a more sustainable world through the arts, dialogue and social entrepreneurship

Katharine Hayhoe TED

How to have constructive conversations about climate change

Yeah, the Weather Has Been Weird

Magazine article about why climate change matters to all of us (even if we don’t realise it)

Corona Combat

A fact-seeking, myth-busting game to learn about the COVID19 pandemic! Climate change game (EarthFenders) launching on Earth Day!

Bioneers Radio

Award-winning International radio and podcast series featuring youth climate leaders

Panicked About the End of the World?

Recent article in InStyle magazine about coping with eco-anxiety.

Day One Project

Participate in democratizing science, technology and innovation policy in the United States by submitting an idea to the Day One Accelerator

Climate Emotions Action Resources: Parents & Educators

POP-UP Festival in partnership with UNICEF World Children’s Day

For children of all ages & adults, the free curriculum on the Sustainable Development Goals + Emotional Intelligence + Wellbeing — creative, play-based learning to build capacity for mental health and SDG leadership. In 30+ languages.

NPR: How To Talk To Kids About Climate Change

For parents: Tips from experts on how to talk with and empower kids in the climate crisis

Smithsonian Science for Global Goals

Community research guides use the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as a framework to focus on sustainable actions that are student-defined and implemented.

Global Weirding YouTube series

Addresses many common questions, ranging from “I’m just a kid, what can I do?” to “what’s the big deal with just a few degrees?” to “should we be scaring the pants off people to get them to care about climate change?”

Climate Basics

We explain the science behind climate change, the impacts of climate change, and how you can help

C2ES for Educators

These resources can support your classroom discussions and activities around climate change and energy use

World’s Largest Lesson: Earth Day

A lesson plan or activity to do on Earth Day as a teacher, parent and/or student

WWF Climate Change Resources

Climate change curriculum (including for learning at home)

Getting Families Through Corona: 100 Ways

Parenting during Covid: 100 earth-friendly, mostly screen-free ways to engage & empower kids K-12 (& stay sane yourself)

Leave No Trace

Video libraries, lessons, and games for ages 6-18.

Earth Echo Virtual

Virtual field trips on conservation and the environment

The Parents’ Guide to Climate Revolution book

100s of ways parents can fight for a vibrant future while deepening family connections

The Climate of Emotions conference

The event was April 21, 7:30 -11:30 am.  Now it’s available online.

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