Six Seconds is committed to making emotional intelligence available to a wide audience. To do so, we offer grants of assessments and services to support EQ projects, numerous free resources on, and “work-study” scholarships to most of our certification trainings.  

For certifications, there are a limited number of “work exchange scholarship” spaces available: You provide at least 10 hours of volunteer service to Six Seconds’ projects and receive a discount in exchange.

For questions about scholarships, please email Susan Stillman, Six Seconds’ Director of Education: [email protected]

Scholarship Terms and Conditions

You agree to contribute at least 10 hours of your best work to a Six Seconds’ project in exchange for a 25% discount to a Six Seconds training or event (off the full price, additional discounts can not be combined).

Most work-exchange projects involve helping to lead a project on Six Seconds will support you to identify a project that is useful to you and to our mission — examples include:

Create a meeting of people in your area to share the value of EQ.

Collaborate to write an article or slides about the importance of EQ for a particular audience.

Hold an event where volunteers can teach EQ skills to a group that can’t otherwise afford training.


By applying for a scholarship, you agree:

  • The hours will be completed within three months following the event, otherwise, you will pay back the discounted amount.
  • The work must be completed to the best of your abilities.
  • Scholarships are provided on a space-available basis and are not available on all courses, so award of scholarship will be at Six Seconds’ sole discretion.
  • Requesting a scholarship means you have read and agree to these terms.

To apply for the scholarship, simply request it on your registration form.

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