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Ready to energize your EQ practice?

Join the leaders in the field to raise emotional intelligence. Develop an in-depth understanding of emotional intelligence as you gain new tools to apply immediately to fuel positive change at work, at home, and at school.

Learning professionals join EQPC for practical, transformational methods:
  • Effectively utilize a wide and deep range of EQ development methods grounded in the latest neuroscience of learning and emotions, so you have a complete system for people-development.
  • Ignite your own EQ practice to increase insight, connection & purpose… so you can, in turn, engage and support others to do so (see the Journey of EQ for research on the effect and process of doing so).
  • Ongoing support from the first and only world-wide community with 1000s of professionals dedicated to EQ, working in over 200 countries.
  • EQPC is part of Six Seconds’ CORE certification and the EQ Coach which is an Approved Coach Training Program (ICF) and also accredited by SHRM and other learning orgs.
  • As seen in numerous published case studies, Six Seconds tools and methods address a range of organizational and individual needs, from improving leadership at FedEx to strengthening collaboration at Siemens to building client-centered service at Qatar Airways.

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Not all training is equal.

All Six Seconds certification courses are transformative and not just “one more course to add to your CV”.
Experience Six Seconds unique learning philosophy and methodology and see for yourself why participants say it’s the most powerful training they’ve experienced.

At a Glance: EQ Practitioner Certification


L&D professionals, coaches, people-leaders, educators


Unlocking EQ (completed or in-process)


29 hours including pre-course (online), 3-day course (online or in-person), post-course (online)

Key tools you can use

KCG Process. UEQ Profile. Numerous learning processes.

Available languages

English, Spanish, Chinese, Italian, Japanese, Arabic

Pathways this course serves

Core EQ: Coach, Facilitator, Consultant, Educator


We’ve trained over 25,000 people to have the skills and insights to create better workplace culture, productivity, teamwork, decision-making, insight and resiliency.  What makes EQ the difference that makes the difference? How is Six Seconds transforming people’s lives?  Hear what people are saying about the Six Seconds EQ Practitioner Certification.

There are many EQ training programs but Six Seconds and its phenomenal trainers are the real thing. You will be personally and professionally transformed.

Kathleen Ruby

Director of Wellness and Leadership Development, WSU College of Veterinary Medicine

Never in my life have I ever been in such an engaging, hands-on, “boomchakalaka” course. Not only do I have the ability to make a difference, but impact my own life for change.

Taryn-lee Kearney

Founder, Aha Training

In nearly 30 years of working in corporates, I have never had EQ explained, demonstrated and presented in this most engaging fashion. A superb facilitator who shared abundantly. This is truly the BEST program I’ve attended in 20 years.

Joni Peddie

Lecturer, Gibbs Business School

Six Seconds Emotional Intelligence

Standing Out For
What We Stand For

Science You Can Use

Rooted in research, our hands-on content brings you user-friendly neuroscience you can practice today.

On Your Feet Learning

We promise our training brings EMOTIONS into the room as you experience active and experiential learning designed for all levels.

Amplify What’s Working

With “start where your are” approach our program supports existing leadership and development initiatives, shining a light on strengths.

Purpose First

As the only global non-profit Emotional Intelligence organization, since 1997 we’ve developed and tested tools and methods to best support people practicing Emotional Intelligence.

Like it? Keep Going!

With over 20 certification courses (virtual and live) you can follow a pathway to meet your professional goals.

Allies Everywhere

Feel the support of powerful network dedicated to EQ. Connect with practitioners working in over 200 countries.

What is in the EQ Practitioner Certification?

Develop an in-depth understanding of emotional intelligence and gain practical new tools to apply immediately. The Practitioner Certification starts with your EQ assessment, then three full days of hands-on, dynamic instruction, activities, current neuroscience, practical projects, networking, laughter, and learning — and then followup online. Like all our programs, PC is highly active, brain-based, and experiential. The content is based on 50 years of practical teaching experience and the Self-Science curriculum featured as a model in Daniel Goleman’s 1995 bestseller, Emotional Intelligence.

Learn About Emotions

  • Practice identifying emotions and your reactions
  • Increase your self-awareness using the TFA process
  • Apply Plutchik’s model of emotions

Evaluate Your Choices

  • Navigate your emotions using VET
  • Expand your options of response
  • Learn to use the 6seconds pause
  • Understand what’s driving you

Make Better Decisions

  • Clarify your Noble Goal
  • Connect your actions to bigger purpose
  • Choose your response to support your goals

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EQ Practitioner



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