Current neuroscience tells a clear story:  If you really want to understand and influence people, you need to be smarter with feelings. Here is Six Seconds’ CEO, Joshua Freedman, delivering a keynote at the Gordon Institute of Business Science:


Here are recent articles on emotion in business:

Engaging for Performance: New Journal Article on Improving Leadership (7/13/2018) by Paul Stillman - What if 73% of a company's leaders became more effective by growing emotional intelligence? A newly published, a compelling case for best-practices in how to grow leadership
How to Lead People in a VUCA World: Lessons from Siemens Healthineers (4/25/2018) by Paul Stillman - How did an EQ intervention create a 139% increase in the number of highly engaged managers and a 46% increase in engagement scores overall in a (VUCA) context?
emotional intelligence in the workplace Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace: Taking the Risk to Talk Emotions In Tech (4/23/2018) by Michael Miller - Tombola is no stranger to versatility. And their latest move - to invest in emotional intelligence in the workplace - shows they are on the cutting edge once again.
New research: 22x more likely to be high performing (10/16/2017) by Joshua Freedman - What happens when organizations prioritize emotional intelligence development? New research shows a remarkable effect.
Expert Panel: How to Align People+Strategy Using Emotional Intelligence (10/12/2017) by Six Seconds - How can emotional intelligence help clarify vision and get people on the same page? Here are powerful insights from an expert panel from The World EQ Summit
How Vital is Your Organization? Key Findings & Report on the 2017 Vitality Survey (7/23/2017) by Paul Stillman - Q: How are people feeling at work... and does it matter? A: Frustrated, and yes! Get the free report with results of the global study on emotions in the workplace.
Trustees of Trust: The Science & Practice of Being Trustworthy (7/5/2017) by Joshua Freedman - Is trust important at work, school, and in life? Why? Here's how we'll answer big question about this vital emotion.
Case: Doubling Down on EQ Culture at ServRx (5/31/2017) by Joshua Freedman - It's “the classic problem” of a successful startup: The company was growing, but the culture was not. Here's how they used EQ to double their employee engagement and increase net profit by 110%.
Six Practical Tips to Collaborate More Effectively (5/30/2017) by Jayne Morrison - Teamwork is all about cooperation and effective collaboration. But it's not always easy. Here are 6 practical tips to help you work better together.
Robert Plutchik's graphic model of eight basic emotions and variations Plutchik’s Wheel of Emotions – 2017 Update (4/27/2017) by Melissa Donaldson - How can we go about increasing our emotional vocabulary? Robert Plutchik's wheel of emotions is a great place to start - here's a guide & free download

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