Additional sites For everyone is the EQ eLearning site, with free courses, cert courses, and a resource download library.

Our site in Italian.  Japanese. Spanish.

For Six Seconds Certified

The TOOLS INTRANET is where PROFILERS, EQ ASSESSORS, and VS CONSULTANTS go to manage their assessment projects.

The KNOWLEDGE BASE is our help desk with how-to articles.


EQ Social Networks

Facebook Page for what’s new – our “official” page – please Like us!

Facebook Group for discussion – highly engaged group, more in-depth sharing & dialogue about Six Seconds EQ, tools, methods, events, etc

EQ Educators Group – Facebook discussion focused on social emotional learning in education.

Our CEO’s Twitter – new data, fascinating facts, Six Seconds in action.

Our official Six Seconds Twitter – new data, fascinating facts, Six Seconds in action.

For fabulous EQ TV… visit our YouTube Channel!  

LinkedIN Group for biz-oriented discussion – around 100,000 members sharing lots of great articles.

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