In a world bursting with innovation and creativity, harnessing and empowering people excellence has never been more critical. The future belongs to those who push the boundaries and harness their strengths to pave new ways of thinking, with Emotional Intelligence emerging as one of the top 10 most needed skills by 2020 (World Economic Forum).

UBalancer Solutions provides specialist Coaching in Business, Education and Health industries in Australia. We are dedicated to making a difference, one Coaching conversation at a time.

We’re proud to be a pioneering Coach Network providing excellence in real change using a powerful blend of Neuroleadership, Emotional Intelligence (EQ), Conversational Intelligence (C-IQ) and Life Balance Coaching concepts.

UBalancer Solutions is part of Six Seconds’ Preferred Partner Network – organizations with certification & expertise to effectively use our methods in organizational transformation.

Through structured Coaching conversations, and a comprehensive suite of tailored Workshops and Masterclasses, UBalancer Solutions supports clients to achieve their highest aspirations, stretch themselves and realise their fullest potential, enhancing performance and driving real results.

We pride ourselves as a connected and caring Coach network who deliver innovative and exciting bespoke solutions. Our measurable data enables Organisations to shape targeted leadership programs, elevating the people side of performance.

We support Organisations to empower a workforce that has the confidence to lead in a VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous environment), the ability to positively influence and the skills to foster a safe and trusting culture.

We care about People. We care about Performance.
We care about inspiring new ways of thinking.


We are pioneering a new approach to Leadership Excellence.

UBalancer Solutions are a network of highly specialised Executive Coaches who work with established leaders, high potential emerging leaders and teams across Australia to enhance leadership effectiveness, team collaboration and Organisational performance.

We are passionate about applying scientifically proven brain-based NeuroCoaching and Emotional Intelligence Coaching to transform high potential managers to high performing leaders.

As a pioneering network in Australia providing powerful Neuroleadership, Emotional Intelligence, Conversational Intelligence and Life Balance Leadership Excellence Programs, we are proud to be supporting leading businesses around Australia to create a culture of people and performance excellence with agility, creativity, collaboration and innovation at the core.

We co-create bespoke Leadership Programs with our clients to ensure their specific needs are fulfilled in an energizing and inspiring way. Offering a suite of powerful Executive Coaching Programs (individual and group), dynamic team Workshops and Masterclasses, Webinars and insightful people focused business intelligence tools, we support our clients to achieve their desired outcomes. With 20 highly skilled NeuroCoaches and Six Seconds Emotional Intelligence Practitioners/Assessors consulting to our network, we take great care to bring the best in Coaching talent to your Organisation.

We super-charge people capability through Emotional Intelligence and growing a ‘Coaching Approach’ Training Programs.

As a Preferred Partner of Six Seconds, the world’s largest Emotional Intelligence Network, we are certified to facilitate two (2) day training programs on the “Foundations of Emotional Intelligence” – a valuable opportunity to deep dive experientially into the Six Seconds’ Emotional Intelligence competencies prior to undertaking Part I and Part II of the EQAC (SEI Assessor) virtual course.

We run these training programs every two (2) months across Australia and also offer them in house to leadership teams wanting to increase their capability in the Emotional Intelligence space.

We also run ‘A Coaching Approach to Leadership’ Training Programs for companies wanting to elevate the Coaching language embraced by their teams. Our Workplace Coach Certification Program is facilitated by skilled Master NeuroCoaches and Emotional Intelligence Practitioners (in conjunction with Six Seconds), all experts in the neuroscience of transformational conversations.

UCare Education is designing a new, wholehearted vision for Education, by infusing powerful Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Programs in primary and secondary schools across Australia, as well as in tertiary institutions. UCare Education is focused on developing the whole student, including their social and emotional development, not just their intellect. We equip students, educators and their wider learning community to better manage overwhelm, foster positive, healthy relationships, grow resilience, compassion and tenacity.

Our Programs are tailored to inspire a growth mindset, perseverance, optimal decision making and most importantly, a belief in students that they can achieve whatever they want to in life.

Our wish is that all schools and their communities embrace and infuse social emotional learning into their process, so we can develop a generation of future leaders who have the courage, compassion and connectedness to thrive!

Our Programs enable youth (as well as educators and parents) to blend emotions and cognition to make optimal choices, improve relationships and accomplish goals. They also helps in the areas of:
• greater self-awareness
• elevated communication
• stronger relationships
• ability to better negotiate difficult situations
• being more empathetic and compassionate
• relating more easily to others
• building resilience, tenacity, perseverance
• creating a more meaningful learning journey


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