The faculty of SP is committed to their students’ enduring success — and so they’ve woven EQ into the fabric of the business school degrees. 


Singapore Polytechnic is part of Six Seconds’ Preferred Partner Network – organizations with certification & expertise to effectively use our methods in organizational transformation.

SP Business School has the privilege of being part of the first polytechnic in Singapore.

Over the years, the number of diplomas offered by SP Business School has grown considerably, giving school leavers a wide choice of courses that meet their interest and passion. Today, SP Business School proudly offers eight diplomas, with specializations in many of these diplomas.

The School has forged important links with academic institutions as well as industry players, both locally and abroad. Most of our graduates go on to study in local as well as overseas universities, and many have done SP Business School proud by earning top accolades upon graduation from their respective universities. Many of them go on to attain successful and satisfying careers in various sectors of the Singapore economy.

The academic staff of SP Business School are a group of dynamic and student-oriented people, with rich experience gleaned from their years in industry prior to their joining the School. Our lecturers are not just facilitators of education; they are friend and mentor to their students.

The spanking new teaching facilities and laboratories on the 3rd level of our building are part of the School’s commitment to provide a conducive learning environment and to keep up with changes in  technology as well as the evolving needs of industry.

At SP Business School, we believe in providing you with quality education, characterized by broad-based learning complemented with specialized training. With an emphasis on core business and life skills, you will be well equipped to meet the demands of an ever-expanding global economy!


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