Root Consulting is a leadership and consulting company based in Korea, assisting individuals and businesses to reach their full potential by developing emotional and spiritual intelligence.

Route to Success

Origin of Knowledge

One for All, All for One

Truth of Life

We first met with Six Seconds in January 2017 and became a Preferred Partner in January 2018.
After meeting Six Seconds, there have been many changes for us in a year. We have helped people and organizations not only rational growth but also emotional growth. We are teaching life changing emotional intelligence skills – that make a measurable difference in their organizations and daily lives. This work provides people with the ability to create and sustain a positive life.

As a Preferred Partner with Six Seconds, the largest global EQ network, we apply tools and resources that provide deep insight into the performance and success of leaders, teams and organizations.

We are the professional group approved by “HRD experts”.

We share the joy of growth with those who want change.

Value Statement : Harmony
The “Enjoyable Learning Place” with the respect towards human values, the belief towards power of education, and interaction with clients.

“Root Consulting” will be the partner that never forgets the nature of learning and the joy of sharing.“Root Consulting”, once a newborn, has grown up with the customer trust to become a youngster.

With the mission of “Sharing the joy of growth with those who want change”, we have striven to become the partner who provides help for “joyful learning” and “steady growth”.

However, in order to develop our creativity, emotional intelligence and flexibility to survive in amidst the Fourth Industrial Revolution, we need to face many challenges – it means we need to see from a different perspective. We’re working to research and develop the tools and methods for this next stage.

With the nature of learning, in which “Knowledge Reveals Itself in Life”,  Root Consulting will pave a new and different way for studying the solutions for  “learning, practicing, and contributing to our performances”.

Root Consulting is a leading provider of emotional intelligence training, assessment in Korea. Our Emotional Intelligence Programs are developed to drive performance in Individuals, Teams, and Organizations.

With over 18 years of instructional design and development experience, Root Consulting provides a complete range of training on organizational development, coaching, motivation, and leadership skills, fueled by emotional intelligence:

Root’s EQ programs:

Equip learners with specific knowledge, skills, and practical methods of applying emotional intelligence in the workplace for better results.

Engage creativity and the “right side” of the brain with stimulating activities and learning aids.

Increase awareness with SEI Assessments, providing a variety of online diagnostic systems such as brain style (individual and organization) diagnosis and emotional intelligence capability diagnosis (leadership report).

Continue EQ development through quarterly sessions for learners. (At Root Consulting)

루트컨설팅은 한국 최초 6세컨즈와 함께 감성지능 교육과 진단서비스를 제공하고 있습니다. 지난 2001
창사 이래 18년 이상의 교육 경험을 바탕으로 개인,,조직이 최고 성과를 내기 위한 감성지능을  실용적인 프로그램으로 설계. 개발하여 서비스하고 있습니다

  • 감성지능 향상을 목표로, 감성을 이성적으로 다루는 구체적인 지식과 스킬,
    그리고 현업 적용을 위한 구체적인 실천 방법을 학습합니다.
  • 좌뇌 뿐만 아니라 우뇌까지 자극하는 다양하고 창의적인 활동과 학습 교보재를 활용합니다.
  • 브레인 스타일(개인 단위/조직 단위) 진단, 감성지능 역량 진단(리더십 리포트) 등 다양한
    온라인 진단시스템(SEI Assessments) 제공이 가능합니다. (PC/Mobile)
  • 각 분기별로 다양한 감성지능 사후 과정이 진행됩니다. (루트컨설팅 감성지능 공개강좌)


또한 루트컨설팅의 감성지능 프로그램은 조직개발, 코칭, 동기부여, 리더십 스킬에 대한 다양한 교육에도 적용됩니다.

HRD Consulting

  • Establishment of mid- to long-term education system
  • Management of Core Talent / Development strategies
  • Establishment of corporate culture
  • Strategies for the early development of new employees

Operation of Education Programs by Different Fields

  • Emotional Intelligence, Leadership, Organizational Development, HRD Expert, Duty Based, Strategic Management, Sales, CS, Workshop, Culture and Art, etc.

Customized Training Programs

  • Development of new programs based on customer requirements
  • Customization and development of our program to fit the customers

Diagnostic Service

  • An organized diagnosis system leading to situation diagnosis and improvement plans
    ( SEI Assessment / 4MAT Assessment / Birkman Assessment )

Selected clients include:

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