The Missional Wisdom Foundation (MWF) is an independent 501.c3 organization that stands at the fulcrum between spiritual tradition and innovation. The MWF is centered in a life of contemplation and lived out within a community of experimentation and education. To be missional is to be sent out, and to have wisdom is to have experience rooted in struggle. 

Through thoughtful intentionality and a willingness to learn through trying, the MWF provides space, resources, and support to those seeking ways to explore new paradigms for the deep work of developing spiritual community.

As a Preferred Partner with Six Seconds, the largest global EQ network, we apply tools and resources that provide deep insight into the performance and success of leaders, teams and organizations.

The Academy for Missional Wisdom

The Missional Wisdom Foundation experiments with and teaches about alternative forms of Christian community.

Missional living is a journey with not a journey to. The way is long, and the Missional Wisdom Foundation (MWF) has developed a variety of resources to help communities and community organizers, developers, and dreamers follow God’s missional invitation.

Launch & Lead is a two-year program equipping people to Launch and Lead alternative forms of Christian community and/or support those who do.  The competency-based curriculum transcends “learning about” by focusing on “learning to do” through online classes, coaching and spiritual direction, in-person gatherings, and a practicum based on starting something new. (Click here to read more about the program outcomes.)

Launch & Lead participants will matriculate through core online classes, monthly coaching calls, biweekly peer-group sessions, and four in-person gatherings. Launch & Lead is a hybrid approach to distance education: using modern technology to deliver digital instruction accessible at any time and in any location and meeting face-to-face at our regional hubs.

Upon acceptance to Launch & Lead, participants are paired with an ICF-certified coach who is also an expert in our curriculum. The coach works with the learner to create a customized learning path that matches their calling, interests, and strengths with Launch & Lead resources. Interested in starting a brand new intentional community? Want to support others who are doing the same? More interested in community development? Leadership? Your coach will be able to match your needs to relevant Launch & Lead courses and learning activities that adhere to our core competencies.

Bret Wells

D. Min., M.A., Practical Theologian, Launch and Lead Director, Coaching Strategist

Church Planter / Minister at The Gathering, Burleson, TX

Bret is a theologian, leadership coach, church planter, teacher, and father. Each of these roles serve as extensions of his calling to help people discover and live out purpose and calling in their own lives. Central themes in Bret’s theology include the Trinitarian God as a Community of Love, the missional paradigm as a necessary result of being created in the image of such a God, and the importance of the missional imagination as both prophetic message and vocational discernment. Along with his wife and three sons, Bret is also exploring the possibilities of missional-monastic rhythms in a single-family home.

Following a decade of ministry in established congregations, Bret transitioned to church planting in 2008. He launched, and is part of the lead team for a missional community known as The Gathering, in Burleson, TX. Bret is a certified professional coach, and coach trainer, specializing in the area of leadership and community development. He serves together with Rev. Dr. Larry Duggins, Denise Crane, and Rev. Luke Lingle as a collaborative lead team to direct the activities of the Missional Wisdom Foundation.

Publications include: 
Helping the Church Be the Church: The Contribution of the New Monasticism,” in Catalyst: Contemporary Evangelical Perspectives for United Methodist Seminarians, February 2012.  

Abide: A Guide to Living in Intentional Community. Contributor. Missional Wisdom Foundation, 2014.

Bret holds a D.Min. with an emphasis in Missional Church from the SMU Perkins School of Theology, an M.A. in Christian Ministry and M.Div. equivalency from the ACU Graduate School of Theology, and a B.S. in Psychology and Christian Ministry from Abilene Christian University. Bret also holds credentials as a Certified Professional Coach, and Energy Leadership Index – Master Practitioner from the ICF approved coach training program at the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching.

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