Mega Consult


At Mega, we help leaders to take innovative decisions and solutions based on the understanding of an organization’s internal and external environment.

At Mega, we have a decisive impact on our clients by understanding their capabilities and growth opportunities in very competitive markets. Our clients put their confidence in us because we help them to achieve exceptional results using their current resources and capabilities. Clients hire us because we understand their culture and provide innovative bespoke solutions. We are proud of that, but always remain humbled by the trust our clients place in us and our duty is to honour that trust.


MegaConsult is part of Six Seconds’ Preferred Partner Network – organizations with certification & expertise to effectively use our methods in organizational transformation.


  • Making your best people even better.

  • More effective corporate leadership.

  • Creating that competitive edge.

  • Emotional intelligence. The vital factor in better leadership. What is Emotional Intelligence? How can you harness it?

  • Decision making. The optimum strategy.

Managing Change

  • How to manage change in a volatile corporate world.

  • Change management. The prediction models.

  • Trends analysis. Defining the future.

  • Better marketing strategies.

Nationalization Programs

  • Understanding and complying with government rules.

  • Recruit the best and keep them.

  • Loyalty programs.

  • Creating internal training programs.

  • Train-the-trainer.

Developing Talent

  • Better teamwork: boosts performance.

  • Key personnel. One-to-one training.

  • High flyers can fly higher.

  • How to spot and nurture talent.

Team Building Events

  • Improving your team communications.

  • The team that works together stays together.

  • Build team trust. Boost performance.

  • Enhancing team creativity.

  • Team problem solving.





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