LIFE SKILLS® Italia is an association made up of parents and professionals, united by our dedication and desire to promote the life skills. Care and respect for others, and above all faith in human kind, motivate us in our commitment to the association’s mission.

LIFE SKILLS Italia is part of Six Seconds’ Preferred Partner Network – organizations with certification & expertise to effectively use our methods in organizational transformation.


Our Noble Goal is to activate people’s potential, so that they can obtain the skills they need to go through life autonomously and with self-awareness.


As defined by the World Health Organization, “Life skills are abilities and positive behaviors that enable individuals to deal effectively with the demands and challenges of everyday life.” (WHO, 1993)

They include:

  1. self-awareness
  2. coping with emotions
  3. empathy
  4. coping with stress
  5. interpersonal relationship building
  6. problem solving
  7. decision making
  8. creative thinking
  9. critical thinking
  10. effective communication.
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