In Indigo we believe in the strength of children as tomorrow’s leaders; we strive to empower children and support them to become lifelong learners.

Indigo specializes in children’s personal and emotional development by offering training and value added consultation services for schools targeting both families and students, in addition to developing and implementing workshops with hands on practices to reinforce the educational concepts.

Indigo’s Services:

  1. Social and Emotional Learning “SEL” Programs:

Indigo offers different programs for children, educators and families to be emotionally intelligent, communicate with others effectively and manage change well.

  1. School support “Glocalization” Program:

Glocalization is a comprehensive educational program that supports schools and students. Glocalization offers a variation of well-structured modules using practical activities emphasizing on the concept of learning through hands-on practices. Glocalization program has been developed by Indigo’s team with over than 12 schools as reference clients.

Services offered by Indigo:

  1. Schools ‘ SEL program for students, educators and families.
  2. Youth Emotional Intelligence “EQ” training workshops.
  3. Educators EQ training workshops.
  4. Families EQ training workshops.
  5. Comprehensive school support “Glocalization” program.
  6. 6seconds services, tools and assessments.

Indigo continues to teach children considerate social-emotional behaviors and encourage respectful expressions while supporting their wellbeing and success.  Building a strong lasting partnership with 6seconds comes as a continuity of our belief in the role EQ has in preparing children to become Global Citizens, respect diversity and accept personal responsibility.