Heidi Day is a Trauma to Transformation Coach that recognizes that your story matters! Working with corporate clients, executives and business owners, Heidi has a unique lens in which she approaches her work– traumas are universal, they occur on a continuum and impact how we see ourselves and how we walk through the world.

Heidi Day is part of Six Seconds’ Preferred Partner Network – organizations with certification & expertise to effectively use our methods in organizational transformation.

At the core of poor sales performance, dysfunctional teams and presenteeism often rest latent  traumas. When traumas are left unaddressed, we develop temporary coping mechanisms that creep into our permanent behavioral patterns.   These insidious coping mechanisms create something of a magnet to our professional and personal life compass that derail our efforts to be productive and successful. Using Emotional Intelligence, Heidi helps her clients uncover and connect with their emotions so that they can heal the experiences that have been subverting their internal GPS so that they can break free from negative behavioral patterns.  

Having a well-trained workforce is simply not enough. To stay competitive in today’s global economy, employees need to be Well-Healed!

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