Coaching, training and consultancy services for corporate and personal transformation; we enable companies to walk into the future with confidence to be more efficient, systematic and successful.


Hayatın Ritmi is part of Six Seconds’ Preferred Partner Network – organizations with certification & expertise to effectively use our methods in organizational transformation.

*Hayatın Ritmi means “the rhythm of life”

“Corporate Transformation”
Corporate transformation for sustainable success

“Personal Transformation”
Start your personal transformation, Discover your REAL self!

“Emotional Intelligence”
Emotions drive people, people drive performance.


Founder of Hayatın Ritmi, Erdem Ercan uses his Emotional Intelligence (EQPC & EQAC – Six seconds), Team Coaching (AoEC) and Body Language expertise (ETAC & ESAC – Paul Ekman, Mimik Resonanz – Eilert Akedemie Für Emotionale Intelligenze) combined with 12 years of managerial and 5 years of entrepreneurship experience as effective tools in his coaching, trainings and consultancy. Graduated from Adler school of coaching with ACC title from ICF, he is coaching executives and teams.

With corporate and personal transformation programs, he contributes to formation of satisfied people and more effective systems.


Hayatın Ritmi is a Preferred Partner of Six Seconds Emotional Intelligence Network, based in Istanbul, Turkey. He carries out practice on increasing EQ competencies of both people and companies via Six Seconds methodology, tools and assessments.

The journey that started as a presenter and debate leader in elementary school, continued up to university; which incorporated communication and negotiation skills to him. These experiences resulted him being a key-note speaker, communication and negotiation skills trainer.

With his expertise of Tango and Sirtaki dance for more than 15 years, he is using the depth and philosophy of both these dances in his trainings and speeches. Also his horse-riding hobby and tour leader experience contributes to this depth.

After graduating from Middle East Technical University, Business Administration, he had managerial roles in Teba, Anadolu Efesbeverages group, Gilan Jewelry.  He founded Dymra with his entrepreneurship and creativity and he succeed to make the firm market leader.


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