People and companies have changing and regenerating dynamics & rhythms of life. Hayatın Ritmi*, is constantly assisting clients with an innovative attitude in order to discover their own rhythms and guide their progress of positive change based on Emotional Intelligence through Training, Executive – Team Coaching, Consultancy services as well as Motivational Speeches.

*Hayatın Ritmi means “rhythm of life.”

Hayatın Ritmi is the preferred partner of Six Seconds based in İstanbul, Turkey. We focus on generating higher performance for leaders and organizations in Business environment by EQ using Six Seconds philosophy, model and tools.

Being a company with high business potential as well being a reputable one both in local and global arena; our vision is to expand the EQ both in Turkey and globally, and bring forth effective, scientific and practical solutions to foster positive change for business organizations. 

Hayatın Ritmi was founded in 2013 by Erdem Ercan and is based in İstanbul, Turkey. We work with local and global companies to help them discover their rhythm, and to create positive change in the business environment by using Six Seconds Model, Tools and Assesments. We are proud of being a Preferred Partner for 5 years in Turkey, and throughout these years we have translated over 500 pages of Six Seconds assesments, articles, and a book.

In all our interactions we value being a dynamic, responsible, innovative, determined, solution-oriented and trustworthy partner. We adapt to differing processes of each organization and work with them to achieve their goals in a sustainable and emotionally intelligent manner.



We support organizations and individuals to increase effectiveness, well-being and productivity. We focus on the development of performance through EQ based Leadership, Communication, Performance, Sales, and Team Development trainings. For details please visit

We offer EQ based management consultancy, including small and medium businesses, making use of Vital Signs as a powerful tool. For details please visit

We offer EQ based coaching during which we draw a result and solution-oriented road map that is humanist, based on trust and effective communication. For details please visit

We offer “EQ Day” to introduce EQ to organizations in an effective, fast and enjoyable way. We provide an efficient and instructive day for with hands-on workshops for employees from all levels. For details please visit

We provide Motivational Speeches and started our “EQ Talks” project to create a fruitful environment for the discussion of EQ. We also adapt the tools and insights of Six Seconds to Turkish and provide Turkish native speakers an opportunity to discover emotional intelligence. For details please visit


Thanks our clients for trusting us in their transformational journey.

To learn more:

Our team consist of 11 members who have different business backgrounds (such as VP, HR Director) with different expertise and diversity, specialized in EQ, mostly ICF accredited. We can submit all our services both in English and Turkish.

We have EQAC and BPC Certified 8 Members. Our Founder Erdem Ercan is a EQAP, EQAC, EQAF, well as an IPM, EQFIT certified.

Our team:

Our expertise:

Founder of Hayatın Ritmi, Erdem Ercan graduated from Adler School of Coaching in 2013. He coaches executives, teams and company owners with his PCC title and his more than 1.500 hours of experience. He combines his competencies such as Emotional Intelligence (EQPC&EQAC&EQAT, VS – Six Seconds) and Body Language – Micro Expressions (ETAC&ESAC) with his 12 years of managerial and 9 years of entrepreneurship experience. He works with national and international companies with his more than 1.600 hours of training, 1.000 hours of consultancy and 50 hours of key-note speeches experiences. He is one of the well-known EQ experts in Turkey.

After graduating from Middle East Technical University, Business Administration, he performed managerial roles in Teba (1996-1997), Anadolu Efes Beverages Group (1998-2005) and Gilan Jewelry (2006-2009). Then he founded Dymra (2009-2012), and Hayatın Ritmi (2013 onwards).

He created the “Teamwork with Sirtaki” training program with combining his more than 20 years expertise of Sirtaki dance and his Training and Coaching experience. He and John Leary Joyce are the creators of ICF approved, CCE certificated Tango & Coaching training program which is the combination of his more than 20 years expertise of Tango dance and his Coaching experience.


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