EQCEE is a strategic Emotional Intelligence Solutions provider for Central Eastern Europe. Whether you are an organisation, a team, an individual or a family our mission is to create positive change for you through increasing your emotional intelligence.

You might be looking for scientifically validated assessments, transformational learning and development experiences, 1:1 & group coaching, or results orientated change consultancy that recognise the part that feelings play in effective cooperation and decision making. You might just be curious about why empirical evidence shows that success is highly correlated to Emotional Intelligence. You might just be stuck!


EQCEE recognises that you are unique, but recognises that the emotional processes you go through are common to all of us. You can develop your emotional intelligence! You can create positive change for Yourself, for your family and for your organisation! It is our passion and privilege to partner with you on that journey.

EQCEE is part of Six Seconds’ Preferred Partner Network – organizations with certification & expertise to effectively use our methods in organizational transformation.

EQ for You

Your life success is strongly correlated to the learnable skills of emotional intelligence. Emotions play their part in all of the decisions you make. Becoming aware of why you do the things you do is just the beginning.

EQCEE provides a range of Emotional Intelligence assessment tools that help identify potential areas of self- development and understanding.

EQCEE develops innovative and groundbreaking programs to challenge you to create positive change in your life.

EQCEE individual coaching fueled by emotional intelligence.

EQ for Business

Your Business, Organization, Team

Your success is dependent upon your people. The EQ in your Leadership directly impacts the engagement of your people and in turn the performance of your group.

EQCEE provides a range of Emotional Intelligence assessment tools that help you recruit the right talent and develop your existing leadership talent.

EQCEE provides consultancy, models and tools that identify the building blocks of a high performing culture driven by your people.

EQCEE provides group and individual coaching.

EQ for Families

Responding to your children’s emotional needs may be the most important thing that you can do as a parent. Emotional Intelligence is strongly linked to critical outcomes for school and life success. Your children’s health, happiness and success starts with YOU and EQ!

EQCEE provides a range of Emotional Intelligence assessment tools that start from age 7.

EQCEE provides a range of Family EQ workshops aimed at helping You increase your EQ while identifying strategies for your children’s EQ learning.

EQCEE provides a range of place of education assessment and social emotional learning intervention tools that help integrate EQ learning into existing curricula.



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