Established in 2004, Dynamic Learning is the preferred partner of Six Seconds in the Middle East, North Africa and India. We are a boutique consulting firm dedicated to people, team and organisational performance – using emotional intelligence as the foundation of all our solutions.

DYNAMIC LEARNING is part of Six Seconds’ Preferred Partner Network – organizations with certification & expertise to effectively use our methods in organizational transformation.

Dynamic Learning offers transformational consulting processes, scientifically validated assessments, customised learning and development programs, one-to-one coaching and group interventions that integrate thought, feeling and actions.

This ensures that individuals develop powerful awareness, as well as the knowledge and skills to improve performance within their organisation.

Our clients include some of the largest leading brands in the region and in the global landscape. We work with companies from various industries such as financial services, FMCG, retail, hospitality, airline, travel, healthcare, retail, and real estate.

One of our greatest achievements is facilitating change for over 10,453 individuals at Management, Supervisory and Entry level within a major healthcare provider in Doha, Qatar. From one-off interventions to learning pathways, our interventions challenge participants to reflect on the climate they create through their choices and actions.

We are passionate in making a meaningful difference.

Depending on your needs our solutions incorporate blended learning, and we can track and measure achievement.

We utilise four methods for delivery detailed below:

Learning Pathway


To assist with succession planning we can design and assist you in delivering learning pathways that will develop effective leaders. Working with a competency framework grounded in EQ these pathways are designed to challenge participants to build strong relationships and align personal objectives with organisation goals.

Standalone Interventions

When you have a clearly defined need we can assist you in developing the talent you need to ensure organisational effectiveness. As a Six Seconds’ Preferred Partner we offer EQ courses approved by Six Seconds. We also offer general skills courses targeting specific training needs.

1:1 Coaching


Where training needs are unique to one individual or a small group, we offer coaching. The individual strengths and development opportunities will be identified and coaching will be tailored to their specific needs. This focused and flexible approach can also be used to supplement training and reinforce lasting change.

Trainers Toolkit:


In addition to program delivery, Dynamic Learning has extensive experience in working closely with client organisations to design and develop customised training material.

Whether it is a new initiative, or the redesign of existing material, we are able to produce full training kits that enable you to deliver these exclusively designed programs internally within your organisation.


Selected clients include:

As a leader I have come out of this course with new ideas on how to keep my team motivated and increase my retention levels.  This is the first course I have received that tells you of the importance of innovation.  I was truly inspired.  Saud Mohammed Arfaj – Advanced Electronics, Engagement and Retention with EQ Workshop

The course was outstanding because it was a mirror showing you where you stand and where you should be. It’s a life changing training course.   Ayoub Zekerya – Almarai (Regional Sales Manager), Leading with EQ Workshop

The course was informative and fun and I plan to listen and analyse more. I’m going to do a 60-day evaluation of my staff and I hope to see the internal engagement score improve.   Samir Roonwal, Executive Chef – Rotana, Creativity & Innovation Workshop

“This was an excellent, well presented course that included a lot of fun as well as being very informative and interactive. My learning objectives were all met and I will be implementing a lot of the training methods in my team.” 
Marc Voller, Executive Office, JA Resorts & Hotels

“The best part about training programs is having that feeling that ‘Just when you thought you knew it all, you didn’t’.  This training is one of those very few programs that really gave an impact in my life.”
Ika Gowezt Marie Golez-Yrañela, Trainer, Dubai Duty Free

 The course was very informative, practical and can be applied on a daily basis at work.  It would definitely help to realise the importance of each individual and how we can benefit out of them through the roles they are good at.”
Poonam, Aramex

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