Learn With Dragonfly is one of the most well-known experiential and outdoor learning organizations in the China region.


Since our founding in 2002, we have led the way through the integration of educational goals, development of new sites and locations, and excellence in facilitation.

For the past three years, Dragonfly has implemented more specific social and emotional learning outcomes. This culminated with the company becoming a Six Seconds Preferred Partner in 2016. While EQ is a growing trend within schools and organizations, we see it as part of our mission to educate our customers on the benefits to individuals and communities. Courses for students, teachers, parents and corporations aim to develop EQ skills through experience-based learning, better preparing people for a changing future.

All year round Dragonfly programs give primary, secondary and university students an unforgettable learning experience.

Many of our courses offer a blend of Outdoor Education, Service Learning and Mandarin Immersion. The strong local knowledge of our team leaders means students experience an authentic, all-round approach to learning and personal development.

Every course can be planned and tailored to the individual needs of your group.

Social and Emotional Intelligence Goals are an important part of every Dragonfly program to help students develop a range of skills and behaviors during and after their course.

 These are the attitudes and skills that young people need to recognize and manage their emotions, demonstrate caring and concern for others, establish positive relationships, make responsible decisions, and handle challenging situations constructively.

 What’s more, studies show that students with more developed social and emotional intelligence achieve higher scores on standardized tests and have better school attendance. They are also more likely to avoid problems such as bullying, behavioral issues, violence, alcohol abuse, and drug use.

 Personal development is a key aim of all outdoor education programs, and our additional focus on SEL goals makes the learning process much more tangible and targeted to the needs of students.

Established in 2002, Dragonfly is now a leading provider of outdoor education and experiential learning in China and throughout Asia.

All year round we run Outdoor Education, Mandarin Immersion courses, and Service Learning projects to give primary, secondary and university students an unforgettable learning experience.

Many of our established courses offer a blend of all three programs so that your students can experience an all-round approach to learning and personal development.

We can also create and tailor courses around your specific needs, with teachers working closely with you before your visit to the region to understand your curriculum goals.

From rock climbing, jungle trekking, cave exploration (and a whole lot more), to learning Mandarin where it is really used, and working closely with developing communities…

…we can give your students an experience that could change their lives.

From one week to one month, students can join us for a learning program at any time of the year. Our teachers will work with you, and we’ll do all the planning, to give your students an experience in one of the most amazing regions of the world.

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