Doroob is leading the movement of bringing emotional and social learning to the educational sector in Saudi Arabia, Sudan and Keyna. Offering efficient tools and methods to support; schools, children, educators, parents, and communities. A three decades-old endowment that started its non-for-profit regional-operation in 2009, Doroob is investing in educating gifted and creative children to empower them to become leaders of positive change in their societies.

Doroob is part of Six Seconds’ Preferred Partner Network – organizations with certification & expertise to effectively use our methods in organizational transformation.


Doroob has positioned itself as a responsible key player in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Africa to; attract, empower, and celebrate the gifted and creative children through sustainable operational platforms to maximize the outcome of human capital investment.

Doroob and Six Seconds’ partnership is a strategic decision towards applying Emotional Intelligence as a vital tool to impact the world. EQ has become one of Doroob’s operational foundation to spread the message of Leadership and 21st century skills development for both; adults working in business and education arena with youth and children.


Ignite utilizes a blend of specific skills, content knowledge, expertise and literacies, with innovative support systems to empower future generation to master the multi-dimensional abilities required for 21st century life& business. Done by aligned standards, instruction, curriculum, assessments, professional development and learning environments to create a support system for 21st century outcomes. 

Through Ignite, the operational arm for Doroob’s global partnerships in Saudi Arabia and Sudan, we are certified to assist with the following solutions in Saudi Arabia & Sudan.

  • SEI- AV
  • SEI- YV
  • SEI-360
  • EQ Dashboard
  • EQ Based Couching
  • Setting up Social Emotional projects in educational and learning environment


• Educational and learning institutions

• Individuals

• Kids and Youth

• Leaders & Entrepreneurs

• Educators

• Parents


“Attending EQ workshop, with Doroob in partnership with Six Seconds, has increased my awareness of feelings, navigating my emotions to connect with my noble goal” Al-Hassna- Administrator in coaching field

“By attending the workshop I have a deeper level of understanding the EQ model and its application on my own emotion. My coaching skills will be enhance after this workshop” Shams- coach & trainee

“Thank you Doroob & Six Seconds for connecting me to my emotional intelligence and being able to clarify my Noble Goal.” Rola Badkook- Entrepreneur

“Doroob is doing a great job by bringing EQ to the region. This is a great positive change” Hani Bahwireth- Performance consultant

“I enjoyed the workshop a lot. All the activities made the content sink in ? Thank you so much for leading the change” Nada Binshihoon- Retail company Co- founder

“Thank you for bringing such wonderful course to Saudi!” Ahmed Maghrabi- Saudi Coaching Founder

“I had an amazing journey during the EQPC training trip as it is so inspiring and every day is an added value knowing the simplicity of delivering this course it counts as a value.” Maie- CSR Deputy Director

“I loved my experience with both Doroob & Six Seconds! Very well presented material and professionally organized. Sulfah, Jayne , and the whole Doroob staff were exceptional!” Rudwan Batterjee- CEO, Pharmaceutical

“It was a great one, I can’t wait for the next level. A great group, environment, instructor and fluctuated emotions ..thank you” Loulwa Feteih- Trainee

“My experience was nothing less than Fantastic. Thank you 6Seconds and Doroob for creating wonderful learning environment and supporting structure” Zaher Ibrahim- HR Lead- Human Resources & Coaching







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