CoachUrself exists to produce change in people’s lives. To achieve this we firmly believe we have to help people to develop their self-awareness to unleash their own potential. The result is that they can be better human beings and help make our world a better place. To reach this goal we use Coaching, NLP and Emotional Intelligence development so that we can work together with our customers to give contribution to their personal growth.

CoachUrself is part of Six Seconds’ Preferred Partner Network – organizations with certification & expertise to effectively use our methods in organizational transformation.

We offer a variety of different solutions to individuals, professionals, business organizations and schools through people skilled and certified to work in the following areas:

Coaching We use life and business coaching sessions to support people in achieve their goals. We also help managers to use the “Coach Approach” in dealing with their organizations or their teams.

Training and Workshops We have many workshops in our catalogue, and all of them have the purpose to help our customers giving them a lot of useful information and exercises that they will be able to use and apply in their personal growth path.

Emotional Intelligence EI is a very important ability in a leader’s character. Being able to understand their own and other people’s feelings and then managing and directing these data is a key feature to develop empathic relationships. We use Six Seconds’s tools and assessment to work with people’s EI.

Business Consulting With our experiences and collaborations in working with business organizations and project management activities we have found that the key success of our project is to combine logic and rational elements, such as processes and organization, with emotional factors that often are not acknowledged or even completely ignored in the change management process. To do this we also offer climate analysis for organizations or teams through the Six Seconds Assessments.

Education Projects In Education structures, we bring awareness through the climate analysis, and we introduce specific solutions to improve involvement, thriving, safety and learning within the school, such as coaching, EQ Assessments for both teachers and students and workshops about personal growth and effectiveness.

CoachUrself nasce dal grande desiderio di Cambiamento. Per questo ha l’obiettivo di generare consapevolezza nell’individuo delle potenzialità in suo possesso per migliorare se stesso e l’ambiente che lo circonda. Gli strumenti che utilizziamo per perseguire questi obiettivi sono il

Coaching, l’Intelligenza Emotiva, la PNL che favoriscono e promuovono la crescita personale attraverso l’autoconoscenza per migliorarsi sulla base di aspetti psicologici e filosofici. CoachUrself offre una vasta gamma di servizi sulle tematiche proposte rivolte a privati, professionisti, aziende e a strutture che operano in ambito educativo e si avvale di personale formato e certificato per operare nei seguenti ambiti:

Forniamo sessioni di Coaching per facilitare privati e professionisti nel raggiungimento dei loro obiettivi. In ambito aziendale formiamo i manager nell’adottare lo stile di Coaching nella gestione della propria organizzazione o team.

Formazione e Seminari
Eroghiamo diverse tipologie di seminari, tutti con in comune l’obiettivo di supportare i nostri clienti tramite la condivisione di tematiche ed esercizi pratici, fornendo preziosi strumenti che potranno essere applicati durante lo svolgimento del loro percorso di crescita e miglioramento personale.

Intelligenza Emotiva
L’Intelligenza Emotiva è una caratteristica fondamentale per un leader. Saper riconoscere le proprie emozioni , gestirle e utilizzare per creare uno stato empatico verso le persone. Abbiamo scelto i tool di Six Seconds per erogare test che misurano in modo puntuale l’IE di una persona e utilizzarlo in diversi ambiti.

Consulenza Aziendale
La collaborazione con professionisti nel campo della consulenza di processi e organizzazione aziendale ci ha permesso di unire alla componente logica e razionale delle aziende, quella emotiva che spesso viene ignorata nei progetti e nella gestione del cambiamento. Inoltre proponiamo strumenti per studiare e analizzare il clima aziendale o di un team.

Progetti Education
In ambito educativo generiamo consapevolezza con l’analisi del clima scolastico e forniamo delle soluzioni ad hoc per creare un maggior coinvolgimento e benessere all’interno della struttura come ad esempio percorsi di Coaching, Assessment di Intelligenza emotiva sia per insegnanti che per i ragazzi, seminari con fondamentali tematiche di crescita personale.

INTERVIEW, CoachUrself – Massimiliano & Manuel Caviglia, Sveva Perciabosco


Why does EQ matter to your clients?

As life coaches, we explain our clients that EQ is a relevant key to their success in life and it affects every environment they live in…It impacts their work as well as the way they connect with their family.We strongly believe that happiness depends on how we deal with our emotions.

Our clients, just like everyone else, want to have a meaningful and happy life. EQ awareness is the first step

What’s one example of how EQ is helping a client of yours?

We ran a project bringing Educational Vital Signs school climate assessment and SEI assessments in two kindergarten schools in Rome, Italy. All educators took their SEI and this was really their first step for improving awareness on how they think, feel and act, or react better sometimes! Coaching and training sessions increased their understanding on how EQ impacts the quality of their work.

Teachers learned that navigating emotions and self regulation are crucial competences in dealing with children, and they easily became aware of the importance of one of the Six Seconds Philosophy milestones: the content is the process.

So they started developing new skills to deal with the school’s children and their everyday routines.

Then they experienced the power of EQ in their life, relationships, personal balance and efficacy. They noticed how EQ can transform an individual into a more positive person applying the know yourself, choose yourself and give yourself model. Moreover, we gave them the good news that EQ skills can be all learned and taught and can be always improved!


How is Six Seconds’ approach helping your work?

Working with our coaches, in schools and in business, we started thinking that we needed something tangible to help people to understand what really matters to them, what they want to pursue at work and in life, with whom they want to achieve their objectives, and which skills they need to develop to be successful. Six Seconds gave us a model to integrate into our process, validated tools to measure EQ and the related competencies, as well as the way to approach organizations with reliable assessments that allow clients to focus on vital signs for building development and growth.

What’s one way EQ is helping you in your business?

We’re not only passionate about the idea that emotions drive people and people drive performance. We believe that EQ marks the direction that people and organizations have to follow to thrive and be successful. Six Seconds gave us knowledge, tools and paths to bring EQ into the world and develop EQ inside ourselves. We became more aware of how to keep a positive attitude, activate EQ skills, and plan our goals. It is really great to be part of a Network that shares your same values and purposes in life! Challenges are easier to face.


Why did you choose Six Seconds as your EQ partner?

Six Seconds has been our first choice among other possible partners since it is the Leading organization on developing and practicing EQ at multiple levels. It met our values, goals and approach and provided us with strategic tools and resources for the development of our business.

What’s your Noble Goal?

Our noble goal is helping people developing awareness and understanding that they really can make the difference in their life with a new attitude.

We also think that it is very important to keep working on ourselves so that we can be an example for our clients.

We really want to be what we are teaching people to be!

We know how important it is to develop EQ based skills as we did it in first person.

So, our noble goal is to always have a learner approach to truly support our clients and their needs.


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