Careerlink is starting a performance revolution, one conversation at a time.

Whether you need to unlock leadership potential, accelerate sales growth, improve customer service, or hire quality staff, Careerlink brings unique services to enable success across your organisation.

Careerlink is passionate about people and unlocking their full potential.


Careerlink is part of Six Seconds’ Preferred Partner Network – organizations with certification & expertise to effectively use our methods in organizational transformation.


Careerlink is so much more than a training and recruitment company. We’re passionate about building the fire within, and our aim is to generate action and inspiration for business and for individuals.

Our mission is to bring together Employers and Job Seekers to create a perfect match. Once that perfect match has been made, add in our Training and Development Services and we can help you craft your own dream team.

At Careerlink, we’re in the business of generating success and your success is our success.


Everyone has to start their learning somewhere … and it really is ok if you don’t know everything. As children we’re not afraid of the learning process but as we grow older we seem to think we should already have all the knowledge we’ll ever need.

It’s time to accept the truth … learning is a cumulative process and we should never stop.

Careerlink’s Emotional Intelligence workshops are developed to drive performance in Individuals, Teams, and Organisations.

  • Selling with Emotional Intelligence
  • Managing Challenging Customers with Emotional Intelligence
  • Leading with Emotional Intelligence

Plus training on a range of career development, sales, motivation and leadership skills.

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