Asterys Lab

In the difficult search for professional coaches who meet the rigorous criteria defined internally, Life Coach Lab felt the need to create a training path in line with its high professional and ethical standards and values.

This led to the foundation of The Campus, which cannot be defined a coaching school, but a laboratory of transformation for professional and aspiring coaches.

eq-in-action-logo       The Campus is not merely a coaching school, but a transformation laboratory for professional coaches, aspiring coaches and human resources specialists. The Campus is the workshop through which Life Coach Lab, which has been working since 2001 with the largest Italian and European companies, wants to develop the future generation of master coaches. This is why we have a limited number of students in our classes and select participants carefully to ensure our students feel part of a circle of professionals right from the first day. The courses introduce the Double Star Coaching Conversation Model, created on the basis of the experience of Giovanna D’Alessio with hundreds of coachees. The Double Star Coaching Conversation Model is the first in Italy that combines the situational coaching approach with a transformational approach. The coachee’s experience is that of a transformational voyage that enables deep personal, intellectual and professional development.

Asterys Lab is part of Six Seconds’ Preferred Partner Network – organizations with certification & expertise to effectively use our methods in organizational transformation.

Training Programmes

The Campus is glad to invite you to discover its professional training programs for those who want to approach the coaching profession seriously, whether it is delivered to people (Personal Coaching) or it is delivered in organizational contexts (Executive/Corporate/Business Coaching). The full track is called Professional Coaching Mastery (PCM) and, in a two-year timeframe, it supports participants to build the competences and the kind of personal development required to reach full mastery of this profession. Professional Coaching Mastery (PCM) has three key steps (Coaching StartUp, Coaching Pro e Coaching Excel), each of them lasts between 5 and 8 months, and each of them is marked by increasing levels of:

  • competences (core competences, advanced competences, mastery)
  • professional field (personal, professional, organizational),
  • depth of the coaching intervention (situational, emotional, transformative coaching);
  • qualification for the ICF credentialing programs (ACC, PCC and MCC).

The three steps of the Professional Coaching Mastery can be choosen individually, while for the coaches who have already completed a basic coach training program in a different school, it is possibile to access the Personal Coaching Mastery (PCM) at the competence level the candidate is at (for example, a coach who has already completed a 60-hour coach training program or has been already granted the ACC certification, can access directly to the second level traiing called Coaching Pro).

  • Professional Coaching Mastery (PCM)
  • Coaching StartUp
  • Coaching Pro
  • Coaching Excel
  • Life Coach Lab certification programme



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