The Emotional Intelligence Livestream #30


Time for a New Job?

What’s the future of work – for employees and employers now and post-pandemic?

Companies are beginning to realize: We’re not “going back to normal” anytime soon… and employees are seeing that work from home has some benefits, but many costs. As leaders plan to develop the workforce for the future… what should employees be doing to be ready for the future?

Join the Six Seconds’ weekly EQ Livestream to explore the future of work — and how emotional intelligence is the essential skill for both companies and individuals seeking to get ahead.


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Juan Francisco Gómez de la Torre C. is the Human Management and Development Director at Oechsle, Peruvian company specialized in department stores, engaged in fashion and retail sales with over 2,600 employees nationwide. Juan Francisco is a Senior Executive with a wide experience in Human Resources, Marketing and Sales. Commercial Engineer holding a Professional Degree in Business Administration, a MBA, a Master degree in Philosophy and Anthropology, and Postgraduate Studies in Marketing. Professional expertise in financial services and retail and skilled at leading all activities and responsibilities involving people and commercial management processes, as well as strategic marketing processes. Certified Internal Coach; Certified EQPC Practitioner and EQAC Assessor by Six Seconds; Certified Facilitator of the Lego Serious Play Method; and Certified Facilitator of the Point of You Method, giving him a professional balance in the development of people, both in the business world and at the consulting and training level.

Mucha Mlingo Kenya’s expert on emotional intelligence for leadership & parenting, Founder of PTS Africa dedicated to the development of people, and mentor to women entrepreneurs across Africa & beyond.

Jacques-Philippe Piverger is Managing Partner at the OzoneX (venture capital firm purpose-built to invest in and scale mission-driven tech companies founded by women and people from underserved communities). A dad, a martial artist, and an entrepreneur who harnesses private and public sector experiences to affect change where it is needed most on the globe. He has co-created and scaled a wide range of enterprises including MPOWERD Inc., REALICITY, and The Council of Urban Professionals.  He has been recognized by the World Economic Forum as a Young Global Leader and by the Council on Foreign Relations as a Term Member. He also serves as a board member of the New York Economic Development Corporation’s Build NYC and the Industrial Development Agency.

Sue McNamara, PhD – as Six Seconds’ Regional Network Director in Asia Pacific, Sue leads organisational and educational implementations of emotional intelligence from Korea to Australia. She supports individuals, teams and organisations to create their own positive growth to create an optimal future for themselves and others.  She has co-developed a Future Ready programme to support tertiary education students and workforce development.  Her PhD is in Education and her vision is that every teacher is equipped with the learnable, actionable skills of emotional intelligence in order to support every student in their social emotional learning to enable them to thrive.

Joshua Freedman, cofounder and CEO, The Six Seconds EQ Network, working since 1997 toward a world with more emotional intelligence (EQ). Josh’s goal is for everyone to make friends with their feelings… and to use emotions to step toward a future that works for all of us. He is a Master Certified Coach and author of the international best-seller, At the Heart of Leadership, and five other books on EQ in business, for families, and in schools. Six Seconds’ tools & methods are used in over 200 countries… from developing business leaders at Siemens in LatAm ( to growing courageous leaders from the future of the planet in Kenya ( to partnering with UNICEF to bring EQ to millions of children for free (… we’re working toward a billion people practicing EQ.

Key Questions:

  • What’s one way your own work has changed in 2020 that you want to continue into the future? 
  • Are the challenges of 2020 providing you new insights into the future of work? What’s one?
  • The experience of Work From Home has some benefits and costs — what are some effects you’re seeing?
  • Getting personal: What’s been hard for you in 2020, and how is that changing who you are as a leader?
  • How can we assess which of the pandemic’s effects on our workplaces will “stick” past 2020?
  • In many organisations, the culture of management — how to supervise and lead people — is still stuck in 1950. Is the pandemic catalyzing a change in management?
  • There are a lot of people out of work right now, and a lot of people who hate their work right now — so what’s your advice for being future-ready as an employee?
  • Like any crisis, the pandemic makes certain things more obvious — what’s become more clear to you about your own future of work?
  • How optimistic are you about 2021 and —  in just one sentence — why?
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